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1967 Volkswagen Type 2 Camper

Clambering aboard this split-window Type 2 Camper – and you really do have to climb up into it, it’s surprisingly high off the ground – the thing that surprises me most is how far removed from the Beetle it is. I know it’s built on that car’s floorplan and shares its engine and gearbox. But it’s testament to the ingenuity of VW’s platform engineering that the thing it reminds me most of is not a car, but the 201 bus to Stamford.

Sensational 1957 Volkswagen Camper Type 2 T1 Split Window

Hawing been ripped off by a rogue trader Gene Balyasny put this ’57 Bus build into the safe hands of ‘his people’ and after a full restoration now has the ‘Show Bus’ he’s always hankered after

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