Official Porsche classic tool bag for G-series 911

Official Porsche classic tool bag for G-series 911

Porsche Classic has redesigned the G-series 911 tool bag, producing a new edition with a spectacular look inspired by the interior fabrics used in 911 production during the late 1970s.

Whereas the original tool bag featured only imitation leather, this new take on the design makes use of real black leather, along with red tartan seat fabric. An option of pin strip fabric is available.

Whichever finish you choose, open the tool bag and you’ll find five double open-ended spanners (8x9, 10x11, 12x13, 14x15 and 17x19), a wheel nut spanner, a holding tool for the auxiliary belt pulley, combination pliers, a spark plug ratchet spanner, a test lamp, five fuses and a Porsche-branded cleaning cloth. All tools have specified slots inside the tool bag. Also included is a towing lug, which comes complete with its own instructions and is designed as a bayonet hook, allowing it to attach to the original trailer, which was fitted with a simplex hook. The screwdriver handles are made of yellow plastic, but now also feature Porsche lettering. To make handling easier, Porsche Classic has replaced the original spark plug tool with a ratchet featuring a special spark plug socket spanner, which is much more practical to operate. This G-series tool bag comes hot on the heels of Porsche Classic’s similar offerings for the 356, F-series 911, 914, 964 and 993.

Price: £428.30

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