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1954 Kaiser Darrin

Bill Smith, known to his friends as ‘Barnsley Bill’, likes unusual American cars and he’s certainly got one with this 1954 Kaiser Darrin… When faced with a rare car such as this one, I’m always intrigued to hear why the owner decided to buy it.

1978 Lancia Sibilo

The collection of Milan-based Architect Corrado Lopresto ranks among the best in the world. The Key — an annual which ranks individuals based on the value and provenance of their collections — placed Lopresto at 22nd: more significant than Andreas Mohringer, but not quite so important as Ralph Lauren. Though, if you are like me and think a list is just another divisive tactic to get people arguing over something they might normally bond over, you can appreciate the life’s work of Corrado Lopresto for what it is: an immense and valuable tribute to Italian automotive design.

1974 Purvis Eureka Sport

It was an act of rebellion. Nothing made in Australia could match the exotic, space-age-looking exterior of the Purvis Eureka shown at the 1974 Melbourne Motor Show. The Eureka name came from Founder Allan Purvis, a determined man who — the story goes — was told that it would never make it past Australian Design Rules. Like a red flag to a bull, Purvis took a chance on the fiber-glass sports car to show that a small local operation could overcome both the bureaucracy and critics of the kit-car industry with a truly desirable unique product.

1970 Citroen SM

I am going to address the elephant in the room up-front. Citroen can make some pretty unusual, a little weird, “out there”, call them what you want, designs, and the Citroen DS is a classic example of this and is a strangely-popular vehicle. The DS model is the one you see driving around occasionally; you first look at the car — perhaps, no doubt with mixed emotions — then, look to the Driver and always wonder what they must know which you do not.

1962 Jaguar E-Type 3.8 Coupe

What is an early E-type like to use on a regular basis and can the flaws of the day be seen as charms today? Jim Patten swaps his 4.2 roadster for a 3.8 with a roof for a road trip.

1968 Jaguar 240

We investigate the rebirth of a late-model member of the Mk2 family, a special survivor with just one surname in the logbook

1950 Ferrari 195 Inter

This freshly restored 1950 Ferrari 195 is an intriguing and unique machine. There are almost as many mysteries about it as there are hard facts, as we discover

1982 Porsche 911 SC “Safari RS”

In the heart of South Africa, a 911 collector decided not to simply restore his SC to be used as a daily, but to upgrade it to be taken far off the beaten track. Written by Wilhelm Lutjeharms Photography by Peet Mocke.

1975 Innocenti Regent 1300

Did the Innocenti regent sing a sweeter tune than the allegro? We visit the car’s ancestral home to find out.

1960 Jaguar Mk2 3.8 MOD

After 40 years tucked away in a St Louis garage, this 1960 Jaguar Mk 2 3.8 MOD remains in remarkably original condition. Now, repatriated to the UK by its second owner and lightly recommissioned, it is ready to be enjoyed once again.

1953 Jaguar XK120 OTS

We sample a late example of the 1953 Jaguar XK120 open-two-seater that, thanks to being owned by Jaguar since the Seventies, remains beautifully preserved, despite its recent adventures in motorsport.

1935 Frazer Nash Shelsley

This 1935 Frazer Nash Shelsley has illustrious early history — but disappeared into obscurity. Now it's back to tell the tale.

1964 Crossle C5-7S V8

Conceived around Ford's crossfow four, the Crossle C5 held its own amid lightweight Lotus and Lola rivals. Then this one gained a V8…

26th Monte Carlo Rally 1956 Aston Martin DB2/4

This Aston Martin DB2/4's Monte Carlo Rally history was deliberately buried. Decades on it was revived by the original owner's son

1967 Shelby GT500

The GT500 took Carroll Shelby in a new direction. We drive a survivor to discover whether the Le Mans legend could build a luxury grand tourer.

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