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M54-engined 400bhp Turbo drift BMW 330i Touring E36/3

With its wild wide-arch stance, lurid bodywork and turbocharged M54, this outrageous E36 Touring is a proper drift weapon.

700hp BMW 550i F10

The M5 might have been the pinnacle of F10 performance, but its more understated and affordable 550i cousin can serve up some epic power with the right mods, as this epic example proves so effortlessly.

200bhp M52TUB28 engined 2.8 wide-body BMW 328i Coupe E30

When Polish panel wizard Michael Fox decided to build a stand-out demo car to promote his new bodyshop, this cunning engine-swapped, wide-arch E30 was the radical result.

530whp Turbo S54B32-engined BMW M3 Saloon E46/4S

As if building yourself an E46 M3 Saloon wasn’t already impressive enough, this awesome four-door is packing over 500whp, and it’s simply awesome on every level.

Supercharged 500bhp 2005 Alpina B5 E60

Alpina’s B5 was the only factory-produced supercharged 5 Series E60 and made a glorious alternative to the ubiquitous M5 E60.

Restomod 210bhp 2.9-litre 24-valve V6 Cosworth BOB engined 1982 Ford Capri Mk3

This restomod Capri is at once quintessentially British and wonderfully multicultural, shaking off the conventions of the scene to create something unique.

Modernised 1960 Jaguar MkIX 3.8 Automatic ZF4HP

Can several subtle updates make a MkIX from 1960 more civilised to drive? We find out with a neatly modified example.

1959 Jaguar Mk1 bodyshell and 265bhp 3.8-litre XK-engine

Originally starting life as a 1959 3.4, this Mk1 has recently been been given a 3.8-litre and was built for fast road use.

2.0TFSI, 210bhp engined Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk6

Despite the snow and associated carnage on Scottish roads, Motorway Maintenance worker, Grant Gilliland made time to wax lyrical about his Mk6 on his busiest week of the year. This thing is cooler than the freezing temperatures...

Modified 1980 Mini Clubman Estate

Nick Klee loved tinkering with an array of cars, often fitting full-on ICE systems, but hadn’t engaged in a rebuild until a 1980 Clubman Estate came on his radar. “I didn’t go out looking for a Mini,” recalled Nick. Apparently, the owners were moving house and the Estate, which had been rotting on a driveway for two years, was surplus to requirements. For just £50 he became the new owner. “I started stripping it down and I was left with an awful lot of bodywork.”

Modified 1981 Mini Saloon - Brilliant rally-inspired revamp living in Malta

Ramon Montebello, from Malta, literally has ‘Monte’ in his name so a long-term obsession with the 1997 Monte Carlo rally Mini is no great surprise. It spurred him on to modify his Mini many years later.

Modified 1978 Mini Pick-up

Serial Mini owner and classic car connoisseur Paul Moran found this Pick-up decomposing quietly on a farm. He has brought it back to life with MG Metro power and a show-winning specification.

Ray Ditta’s infamous OG Volkswagen Golf 1.9 TDI Mk4 daily driver

Ray Ditta’s infamous OG Mk4 TDI daily driver isn’t simply the perfect example of a VW built around an OEM+ theme — the car and its obsessive-compulsive owner practically invented the term!

281bhp 1.8 20v turbo BAM engined 1983 Volkswagen Golf GTI Mk1

When Youtube star, Dan Chambers, realised his recently purchased Mk1 Golf GTI Campaign wasn’t going to be the quick fix he had hoped for, he embarked on a full nut and bolt restoration with a 20v turbo twist!

1981 Ford Granada Consort Mk2

When Gav Smith stumbled across this Granada Consort, he knew he had to do the right thing and give it the regal rebuild it deserved — along with a few choice mods, naturally.

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