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Bob is conflicted about the new 2023 BMW M4 CSL G82
So it’s finally arrived, the third car to bear those hallowed letters – CSL. Unveiled at the Concorso d’Eleganza Villa d’Este the G82 M4 CSL will no doubt be quite the performer but I can’t help but feel a trifle conflicted about the car. On the one hand I’m delighted that BMW is still prepared to put the effort into producing halo machines like this but I’m not quite sure that its execution is as good as it could have been.
Renault 5 GT Turbo
Forget the 205 GTI: this was France’s quickest 1980s hot hatch THE MARKET / Buying GuideIf at any point in the past 40 years you’ve been in the market for a hot hatch, chances are there’s been a Renault fairly high on your list. The modern RS Meganes are some of the finest-handling cars of their generation, and the Clio Williams became a member of hot hatch royalty the second it went on sale.
Buyer’s Guide Ford Zephyr Six Mk1
Hugely important for Ford, the Mk1 was technologically advanced for its time. Here’s what to look for if you fancy a slice of 1950s motoring. ZEPHYR SIX MK1 1951-1957When it came to the design of the Ford Zephyr Six Mk1, the notion that bigger is better certainly shone through.
Has the pandemic changed the buying habits of those in the market for used Porsche 911s?
It would be naive to think that global lockdowns and disruptions from a pandemic wouldn’t bring with it some changes, but has it left a mark on the used 911 buyer? Two respected specialists concur it has. Sales debate“Yes, buyers’ habits certainly changed,” says Jamie Tyler of Paragon. “A lot more people are buying remotely now; this has continued from the days of only being able to buy cars via ‘click and collect’.” For that to thrive, stock must be of a quality to support worry-free purchase.
We answer your questions on electrified motoring in an easy to understand way
I'm going on holiday for 6 weeks to visit family in Australia, what precautions do I need to take with my EV so that it still works when I get back to the airport? CURRENT AFFAIRSSo, you’re leaving the country for more than a month, and you’ve recently switched to an all-electric car. How should you leave your electric vehicle to ensure it’s safe while you are away, and it’s ready to drive when you get back?
Reader’s restoration 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1
Reader’s restoration: When Kevin McDermid found this rare Mk1 Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition. Words Mike Renaut Photos Adrian Brannan READER’S RESTORATION: 1973 Ford Escort 1300GT Mk1When Kevin McDermid found this rare Escort 1300GT he decided to be different... and restore it to factory standard condition.
Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac
Fantastic Fifties styling and a great big engine bay mean the Mk2 has always been a popular choice for modders and rodders. MK2 ZEPHYR/ZODIAC IMPROVING YOUR CLASSIC FORD JUST GOT EASIER Upgrade guide: Ford mk2 Zephyr/Zodiac - Tuning tips for the 1950s Ford. UPGRADE GUIDE The big 1950s Fords have a strong following and it’s not surprising. They’re lovely, smooth cruising cars but they also have a touch of Americana about them.
Charging ahead
Do you remember Flanders & Swann? They wrote and performed clever, comedic songs about life in the late 1950s. These musical period pieces have somehow transcended their era. Donald Swann played the piano and looked like a skinny academic. Michael Flanders, burly, bearded and wheelchair bound, had a rumbling voice and lethal comic timing.
Electric vehicles are part of a wider system, and they will only deliver on climate change
Mass market electric cars have been with us for about a decade now, and for all of that time, the popular Fully Charged YouTube channel has been on hand to explain to anyone who is interested in the subject what’s going on.  The bigger pictureSince 2018, though, Fully Charged has not just been an online presence but a series of live events as well.
How it works - Synthetic fuels
Synthetic fuels are nothing particularly new, and we're familiar with GTL (Gas to Liquid) fuels that are made from natural gas. The Fischer-Tropsch process that's used for this can employ all kinds of hydrocarbon raw materials, to create designer fuels like kerosene, petrol and diesel, all of them significantly purer and lower in emissions than equivalent fuels derived from crude oil. It can also be used to synthesise the base materials for advanced synthetic lubricating oils.
Buying Guide Citroen XM
Citroën XM This heir to the DS and SM offers a lot of Citroën for the money, but they’re complex, so buy carefully. Words RICHARD DREDGE Photography JOHN COLLEY Buy a space-age Citroën XM for £3k to £10k Buying Guide How to buy a cool Citroën XM before the prices rise like its suspension What to payYou can still find running XMs around £2k, although these tend to be unloved 2.0 cars. For a reliable, sorted car, budget at least £3k.Traditionally, diesels commanded more, with the best 2.
Searching for Excitement
With modern vehicles becoming increasingly homogenised, Evans ponders on the need to preserve 20th century car culture so future generations can appreciate how distinctive it is. I was having a conversation with a friend and owner of a restoration shop the other day and the topic turned to new cars. He asked what I would buy if I was in the market for a car. In the past that wasn’t usually a difficult question, but this time I really had to think about it.
Jaguar XK8 4.0 Convertible X100
The Jaguar XK8 X100 might be the most affordable here, but it’s still one of the best. Cheap thrillsWith summer finally here, there’s never been a better time to buy a convertible. We look at five of Jaguar’s finest from the last four decades that are also affordable There’s a certain irony that the cheapest car on our list is the one that, thanks to its soft, swooping lines and oval grille, looks the most like the famous E-type. But then, that was always the point of the car.
2009 Volvo C30 Polestar - 450bhp monster
The forgotten hot hatch concept that packed a monster 450bhp 336kW punch FORGOTTEN FAST CARSA manufacturer’s image is important and it is something Volvo has struggled with. On one hand it is a brand renowned for its safety prowess, with endless jokes about the cars and people who buy them. Alternatively, there’s a slightly demented side to the Swedish stalwart that loves to go racing and create spicy road-going performance cars.
2023 Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsa Revival
Bizzarrini 5300 GT Corsas don’t come up for sale too often. The situation is even rarer in the case of chassis no.0222, which won its class at Le Mans in 1965. Yet you can now buy yourself one of 24 perfect copies of it. Second time luckyThis is ‘Car Zero’, the prototype, the first realisation of the reborn Bizzarrini marque’s 5300GT Corsa Revival.
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