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1952 Austin A40 Somerset
Some cars are neglected and fall by the wayside, others are more fortunate and get restored. Only a select few are lucky enough to be maintained in perfectly original condition from new. Romer Adams' Austin Somerset is one of them. STORY TOLD TO SIMON GOLDSWORTHY AUSTIN SOMERSET AN ORIGINAL SURVIVOR Austin Somerset. A car that has survived nearly 70 years without a rebuild and is in fi ne shape. I know you couldn't have bought this Somerset new because you are far too young!
Guide 1999-2005 Audi A2 Type 8Z
The Audi A2 brought radical engineering to the small car sector, along with good looks and great driving dynamics. Its high cost kept sales low, but nowadays it is a sought-after machine. Report: Phil White. ALLOYED PLEASURE Emerging Classic The all-aluminium Audi A2, featuring seriously high tech in a small package. Like the Roman god Janus, Audi has two faces.
Bulldog resto all the latest progress, and a look back at the press reception in Spring 1980
The body panels are on, the wiring is in, and the engine is back together – Bulldog’s restoration enters the home straight. Photography Words John Simister AMY SHORE/CMC. Light show RESTORATION BULLDOG ‘The doors go on today,’ says Nigel Woodward, head of Classic Motor Cars of Bridgnorth where the Bulldog is undergoing the most painstaking of resurrections. It’s not the first time the powered gullwing doors have been on during the Bulldog’s time at CMC.
Are car dealers guilty of causing the diesel decline?
Over the past 18 months, I haven’t been able to go out that much, I haven’t had the three foreign holidays that my wife and I treat ourselves to, and even Christmas was a muted affair due to the restrictions on movement. So as a result, my bank account is looking considerably healthier than it would normally do. After some discussion with my wife, we’ve decided to change both of our cars, which is something we usually only do once every five or six years.
DeLorean DMC-12
Future Proof ‘Buy your dream car, Marty’ - here’s how. James Walshe says it’s time to buy a DeLorean. Buyer’s Brief: DeLorean DMC-12 Choosing a gull-winged time machine. Why you want one The DeLorean DMC-12 is a star member of a small, but highly exclusive club. When the company founder’s dream died in 1982 at the hands of the receivers, the car joined the ranks of other heroic failures such as the Tucker Torpedo, Bricklin SV-1 and MG SV.
BMW 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon G30
BMW’s low-profile G30 540i xDrive M Sport Saloon is quick, readily tuned and much better value than an M550i or M5. The eye-wateringly expensive £102,000 G30 M5 and £72,000 G30 M550i xDrive might grab most of the 5 Series headlines, but the understated G30 540i xDrive M Sport has all the power and grip you’ll ever need – and is far better value.
M2 F87 buying and owning BMW’s popular pocket rocket
The M2 and M2 Competition could be the last in a grand dynasty of M cars – small, agile, analogue and a hoot to drive. Buy now before it’s too late. Words: Bob Harper. Photography: Jason Dodd. The Last Emperor?  The M2 F87 is the car of the moment – find out everything you need to know about owning this BMW M pocket rocket. So what’s the best M car you can buy and own right now? The one that will have enthusiasts of the future going all dewy-eyed and wishing for the good old days?
Buying Guide BMW M1 E26
The best of the best? Looks, performance, rarity, even its own racing series… is this the ultimate BMW M car? Robert Ladbrook considers the argument. The case of the BMW M1 is an interesting one. Technically it was a fleeting diversion from the norm, birthed out of the desire to beat Porsche at its own game, built in small numbers and only active for a few years. It’s flash-in-the-pan stuff. But what a few years they were.
Magnus Walker’s 1964 Porsche 901 project
A tired 911 is a great starting point for your journey into Porsche personalisation, but what if you happen upon one of the earliest, rarest and most valuable Stuttgart-crested six-cylinder production cars out there? This was the exact dilemma faced by Urban Outlaw, Magnus Walker, when he became the owner of a 901… Words Dan Furr Photography Dan Sherwood.
Buying Guide BMW Z4 E85/E86
This bargain roadster is a great sports car and a design icon – find a sorted example and in time it may even cover its own running costs. Words Richard Dredge. Photography John Colley. Five steps to buying a BMW Z4 E85/E86 Buying Guide Get yourself a big-performance BMW Z4 for small change What to pay Scruffy running four-cylinder Z4s can be found for £1500. Decent examples come in at £3000, with £4000 buying an excellent one. £3000 is the starting point for a nice non-M six-cylinder roadster.
Buyers Guide Porsche 911 GT3 RS 997.1
A largely undervalued modern Rennsport, the 997.1 represents a surefooted investment right now. Here’s everything you need to know about it index: 997.1 GT3 RS Written by Kieron Fennelly Porsche Index: 997.1 GT3 RS Your ultimate guide to the most underrated Rennsport of the modern era HISTORY AND TECH The 997 GT3 was launched at Geneva in March 2006 and, as with its 996 GT3 and 993/964 RS predecessors, it was designed to homologate the 997 for the Porsche Cup and from 1999, GT3 class.
Porsche 911 hero: Arno Bohn
Bohn’s stay at Porsche was both short and controversial, but the CEO would contribute significantly to the saving of the 911 – and company at large. Bohn only worked at Porsche for two years between 1990 and 1992, and many will remember those tumultuous 24 months for the overseeing of a stillborn 989 project, as well as notable motorsport failings including heavy spending for an ultimately fruitless F1 venture.
Buyers Guide Porsche 944
Soon to be celebrating its fortieth anniversary, the 944 has finally come of age. Here's what you need to be aware of before buying this modern classic... Words Dan Furr. Photography Dan Sherwood. BUYING GUIDE: 944 944 (1982-1991) What to be aware of before a test drive.
Buyers Guide BMW 3 Series E36
One of the most sensible and satisfying purchases on the market right now, says James Walshe BMW 3 Series E36 WISE BUYER James Walshe shows you how to buy BMW’s bargain 3-Series before it’s too late. There aren’t many modern classics that combine a rewarding driving experience with such exceptional usability as successfully as an E36 BMW.
Buyer’s Guide Morgan Plus 8 How to bag antique looks, V8 power
James Walshe examines one of the greatest British bruisers of all Why you want one While it may look like a quaint, charismatic Thirties roadster, this particular Morgan packs the most unexpected punch. For those in the know, it is a British brute and a classic legend. For others, they’d be forgiven for jumping out their skin if one of these were to start up nearby. The Morgan Plus 8 absolutely oozes drama... in the best possible way.
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