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1967 AMC Amitron/Electron

Electric cars may be all the rage at the moment, but the American car industry had a fair few attempts at presenting its vision of how an electric car would look in the Sixties. Richard Heseltine looks at AMC’s offering, the Amitron…

1988 Bertone Genesis

It was just what the world had been crying out for: an MPV with a chain-driven, quad-cam V12 up front. Not that Bertone was down with the whole labels thing, you understand. The Genesis was merely a teaser; one that defied easy categorisation

1966 Chevrolet Electrovair II Concept

Richard Heseltine discovers GM’s flirtation with electric during the Sixties with what was already a ground-breaking car in engineering terms; however, even back then the limited battery technology hobbled the project…

1985 MG EX-E Concept a symbol of hope?

After the closure of Abingdon and the end of MGB and Midget production, the prospect of a new MG sports car seemed a distant dream but, at Frankfurt in 1985, Austin-Rover stole the show

1967 Ford Mustang Mach 2 Concept

Ford’s quest for Total Performance resulted in some very tasty automotive morsels being served up. None more so than the Mach 2, which looked like it could have been another star in Ford’s concept car constellation – had it ever seen production…

1965 OSI Ford Mustang

This ‘Made in Turin’ mustang with radical new bodywork was the pony that got away

On the fringe 1977 Bertone Jaguar Ascot

Scroll back to 1978 and Pininfarina caused a furore with its Jaguar XJ Spider. No gush was too purple as the world’s motoring media begged British Leyland to adopt it as a production model. It didn’t, of course, but this one-off roadster remains a classic of its kind

1992 Lancia Magia Concept by IAD

It seems improbable but Worthing once briefly threatened to unseat Turin and Milan as a key hub of international car design. That may sound a mite fanciful, but the appearance of the IAD Lancia Magia at the 1992 Turin motor show triggered palpable ripples because a British styling house had chosen to showcase its brave new world on hallowed turf. The cheek of it all. Here was a Lancia-badged – and supported – coupé that took all the best bits from the Dedra Integrale and added a much-needed dose of style into the mix.

1990 Pontiac Sunfire Concept Car

As Pontiac’s star waned in the Nineties, a concept called the Sunfire offered a glimmer of hope. Sadly, as Richard Heseltine discovers, it was a false dawn…

1987 Porsche 911 Carrera Speedster Studie

The 911 Speedster Studie helped give Porsche’s icon a new lease of life – and put fresh air between the plans of an infamous CEO…

1971 Giannini Fiat 128 NP S Sport Coupe

Not all coachbuilt Italian sports cars are paragons of beauty, as Giannini’s ‘interesting’ 1971 Fiat 128-based prototype proves

1989 Chrysler Voyager III Concept

Richard Heseltine looks at Chrysler’s sub-compact concept which turns into a people carrier, the Voyager III – a concept which most definitely took a voyage to obscurity…

2003 Volkswagen Concept-R

Back in 2003, Volkswagen may have just debuted the latest 3.2-litre V6 hot hatch, but somebody at Wolfsburg decided that engine would work far better planted in the middle of a sleek roadster powering the rear wheels – enter the Volkswagen Concept R.

1966 Ford Ranger II Concept

From work on Hollywood sci-fi blockbusters to designing the tail-lights on the ’64 Falcon Futura, designer Syd Mead’s star turn was the Ranger II concept pick-up truck, as Richard Heseltine discovers…

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