John Shone 1992 Daimler Double Six Series 3 2 days ago

Remember seeing this car at shows when it was new. Amazing to see it is still unused.

P carpentet 1971 Jaguar XJ6 2.8 Automatic Series 1 vs. 1973 Rover P6 3500S 7 days ago

Rover for me my dad had one the v8 one i drove it when i was 19 great car i compard it with my damiler 250 i had at the time

rico schembri Wild rides: Fiat Uno Turbo – modified versus standard 8 days ago

great job guys,back in 1990 i went to reading with me brother to buy a modified fiat uno turbo i e widearch body kit esc from mike spence in reading lots of great cars there i tell you.any way on test drive we were tacken out on test drive but the driver who was tackin us out got a bit to carried away well we didnt die but nearly the car was totaly writing off as he lost controll on a bent we spun on to grass verge car rolled it was a wreck never seen so many cars come to our aid luckly we survived but the 12000 pound uno turbo was destroyed

Siegfried Tesche George Harrison’s 1980 Porsche 928S 9 days ago

Dear Christopher Maltin,

would you share more information about the car and specially the 911S? I am a journalist in Germany just researching abou the cars of the Beatles for a book. So far I have not heard anything about the 911S. Which colour, when exactly did he own the car, what happened to it afterwards etc.

How can I get in touch with you?


Siegfried from Germany

Kevin 1973 Austin Allegro 1300 Deluxe 10 days ago

This car was my grandads which sold to the to the gentleman in the article would love to see it again if was at any shows


Balakrishna 2023 Hyundai Grand Creta 2,0 Elite AT 12 days ago

When come to Indian Market

Pls infirm — 9480420040

Votren De Este Votren De Este 1961 Austin Seven De-Luxe 15 days ago

Hi Viv

Please upload photos of this car in comments section

sylla1212 2023 Bugatti Centodieci 15 days ago

magnifique,bugatti spendide la couleur de cette centodieci parfaite dans cette, collection et quelque chance de l'avoir vu et rencontrer son proprietaire

Viv 1961 Austin Seven De-Luxe 18 days ago

Here are farewell photos from May 1984! Hopefully they sent on a previous comment

Viv 1961 Austin Seven De-Luxe 19 days ago

Wow!!! This is my Mum's old car that we grew up in! I will try to find some old photos. I can remember squeezing the 3 of us kids plus 2 neighbours kids in on the school run. I think it would have been sold maybe late 70s/early 80s

Fabs 1975 Innocenti Regent 1300 21 day ago

Hello guys,

what a surprise! Just a quick note to share that I am the lucky owner of a Red with black vinyl roof Italian Innocenti Regent 1500L from 1974, stored in Italy of course and never restored completely but with some work done over the years. It belonged to my father and did run until mid 2000's. I am currently researching for parts and will start restoring some time in the future, would like to get in touch with someone who can offer advice.


Philip T 1983 Alfa Romeo Alfasud GTA vs. Giardinetta 22 days ago

I owned a GTA from 1986 to 1995, my first car, it was a pleasure to drive and own. Reluctantly sold it when I left SA. True, the brakes were always a problem!

Behram Ardeshir 1962 Lancia Flaminia Coupé 2.5 3B vs. 1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Coupe Series 106.02, 1966 Fiat 230 24 days ago

I’ve fully restored and owned a 1963 2600 Sprint for a few years now. It’s the most joyous experience. Frankly the shape and looks of the 2600 are miles ahead of the Lancia and Fiat, especially considering that it was the famous Giorgetti Giugiaro’s first design as a 21 year old working for Bertone and was so successful that it was later sold to Gordon Keeble and BMW. I have never driven the other two but having driven a 1960 Flaminia Zagato the driving pleasure of the Sprint should be better than the Flaminia in this article and probably the Fiat as well. All three are lovely cars but for me the 2600 Sprint appears to be a cut above the other two!

Jon 1977 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Veloce Series 105 - twins, separated at birth, now reunited 30 days ago

rhd 2000 Veloce were type 105.27.

Chassis numbers *2470000* stamped on bulkhead near to bonnet catch bracket. As Chris Rees said, many numbers were not used/built, but they did at least run in order.

George Kear 1939 Lagonda V12 Rapide 1 month ago

Great to see the vehicle again after it left our shop.

We were very happy to be involved in its restoration and it then achieving our 10th win at Pebble Beach.

Good luck at Salon Prive.

We look forward to watching it in the future.


Amir_K 1997 BMW 840Ci Sport Automatic E31 1 month ago

Seen the car and it looks amazing. Amount of work put in to get to this level is immense.

Riaan Stander 1990 BMW 535i Racer E34 1 month ago

E34 is the personification of what bmw stands for me, as a 5 series owner, as a BMW enthusiast, it's comfortable, has good balance, good handling and a comfortable ride, with a luxurious interior and as I currently own a 2002 model 5 series it's far from modern, but still gives a good account of itself, but in my humble opinion the E34 was a more enjoyable carespecially with the big sixes m30 and of course the legendary s38, so just want to say that I'm a signed up Beemer man for life, thank you Bayerische Motoren Werke

John Tindle 1950 Alfa Romeo Alfetta Tipo 158 Grand Prix racer Amazing Jim Stokes Workshop racer recreation 1 month ago

An amazing story, and all credit to everyone involved to recreate, what is, a very impressive Grand Prix of my favourites

Delywn Mallett Delywn Mallett 1971 Rover P6 3500S 1 month ago

Rovers Regret

The words of your reader chimed with me. I'm lucky to be old enough to have owned a Rover P6 first time around – a 1972, 93k-mile example that I bought in 1982. The V8 was the attraction but the abiding memory is of a car that was a joy to drive, coupled with a feeling that every trip was an adventure tinged with slight anxiety – would we actually make it? Of course we did, every time. But the character remained – flickering oil light, a thirst for coolant, optically clear inner wings and that rear suspension member whose rustedthrough anchor point provided an early rear-wheel steering effect.

Looking back over the 30-odd cars I have so far owned, from Jag to Smart ForTwo, the P6 provides the biggest aftersell regret. What a fabulous car! Even now it has so many styling features that, in my opinion, no other car has ever provided. And maybe there is a second regret – I saw a yellow SD1 (yes, with the orange seats) for sale in near perfect condition at an independent dealer in the mid Eighties for (if memory serves) £1600. How I wish I had bought it.

Emma Woodcock Emma Woodcock 1978 Opel Monza 3.0E 1 month ago

OpelMonza vs. Rover SD1 Vitesse

The March issue brought back memories of a Rover SD1 (‘I knew it was rotten as a pear. It was scrap’) and Opel Monza (Everyman Executive). During the Eighties my friend Brian had a Monza 3.0E with a fivespeed manual and limited-slip differential, which was mainly fitted to the automatics. It was a metallic brown that still looked dirty after spending a whole day washing and Simonizing! I bought it because Brian had his eye on a twin-plenum SD1 Vitesse. At the time, some school buddies and I were keen on skiing – and we had the offer of a flat in Schladming in Austria for two weeks. Somewhere in Germany after quite a few petrol stops, Brian spotted on the map that the next section of the autobahn had a long straight. Soon after we set off from the lunchtime stop my passenger in the Monza dropped off to sleep while Brian accelerated quickly until the SD1 was a dot on the horizon – but not for long. I caught him up, the speedo reading just over 150mph. When we pulled in to top up the tanks, Brian was miffed at being caught up by his old car; my passenger was miffed that he had missed it all.

The Monza did suffer from snobbery; how can a GM car be better than a BMW or Mercedes-Benz? Well, it was. The only annoying thing was central locking that didn’t operate the rear hatch. If you dropped someone off and they had things in the back, you had to switch off and open the hatch with the key. It was one of the best cars I've owned; superbly comfortable and ideal to travel many miles, even off the motorway – and the limited-slip differential kept the tail under control out of wet roundabouts.

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