Porsche eyes key electric SUV market with 630bhp Macan EV

Porsche eyes key electric SUV market with 630bhp Macan EV

Meanwhile, Porsche has confirmed technical details for the upcoming Macan EV, its crucial first entry into the electric SUV segment.

Macan powertrain manager Antoon Janssen said the Macan EV will be the sportiest car in its class.

Permanently excited electric motors — one on each axle — use a new ‘double-V magnet arrangement and produce up to 603bhp and “more than" 738lb ft, sent to all four wheels.

The Macan EV will have a “performance rear axle" with the motor mounted as far back as possible for a 48% front, 52% rear weight distribution, to maximise traction, and the tyre widths will be more staggered than those of the current Macan to further improve grip.

New two-valve dampers, independently adjustable via the Porsche Active Suspension Management, will boost comfort while lowering the suspension above certain speeds to improve aerodynamics.

The steering angle has been increased by 15% over that of the petrol car in order to improve manoeuvrability, while rear-wheel steering of up to 5.0deg (at speeds below 50mph) has been added.

All Macan EVs will use a 100kWh battery. No range has been claimed, but an optional 93kWh battery gives the lower Taycan 314 miles per charge. The 800V architecture allows charging rates exceeding 270kW.

Macan EV deliveries are scheduled for 2024. It was originally planned for next year but delayed by software development difficulties.

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