2022 BMW iX Unleashed

2022 BMW iX Unleashed

BMW's long-awaited flagship electric model, the iX, is here, priced from £69,905 it is due for UK launch in November 2021.

The new iX is presented as the pinnacle of the BMW Group's electrification strategy, which makes it an exceptionally important model. Two models will be available at launch; iX xDrive50 and iX xDrive40. The former boasts a combined output of 523hp (564lb ft torque) and a range of up to 380- miles, the latter 326hp (465lb ft torque) and it is able to cover up to 257-miles on a single charge. Both variants will be available in Sport or M Sport trim levels in the UK.

The iX will be built at BMW's Plant Dingolfing in Lower Bavaria, that's where the 5, 7 and 8 Series ranges are manufactured, importantly the iX is the first all-wheel-drive pure electric vehicle from BMW. The electric all-wheel-drive system splits drive between the front and rear wheels as you'd expect. This assist the iX in delivering performance that is both practical and brisk. In xDrive40 guise 0-62mph is chalked-up in just 6.1-seconds, the iX xDrive50 in 4.6-seconds. Battery range is complemented with flexible charging designed to be as convenient as possible. DC power can be taken on board at a rate of up to 195kW (iX xDrive50) or 150kW (iX xDrive40). This allows the battery charge to be increased from 10 to 80 percent in around 35-minutes in thexDrive50 model or 31- minutes in the xDrive40.

There's an extensive list of standard specification, including 21-inch alloy wheels, Driving Assistant Professional, Parking Assistant, BMW Live Cockpit Professional, climate comfort windscreen, four-zone air conditioning, heated front seats, wireless phone charging and Shadow Line exterior trim. An array of options, including dedicated Packs that group extras which complement each together, and allow for further personalisation. The iX premieres the new generation of BMW iDrive powered by Operating System 8 and offers the most extensive set of standard driver assistance systems ever seen on a BMW. Like many contemporary electric cars the inners are luxurious and «lounge-style». The iX seats five in comfort.

Pricing starts at £69,905 (iX xDrive40 Sport) rising to a whopping £94,905 (iX xDrive50 M Sport), which places the iX in competition with some really rather accomplished rivals and makes it more expensive than some electric cars in its segment offering similar levels of performance and range. An iX M60 range-topper is set to join the range a later date offering an output in excess of 600hp.


The body structure uses an aluminium spaceframe construction, the Carbon Cage’s use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof, flanks and at the rear result in a material mix that both increases rigidity and minimises weight. Optimised aerodynamics produce a low drag coefficient of just 0.25. The high-voltage battery located is loaded low down, lowering the centre of gravity to distribute weight evenly and to make handling even more agile. The chassis comprises a double-wishbone front axle, five-link rear axle, lift-related dampers and an electric steering system. Two-axle air suspension with electronically controlled dampers and Integral Active Steering are standard on the iX Drive50 variants.


The iX uses adaptive recuperation to boost efficiency and range. The intensity of the brake energy recuperation can be adapted to the situation ahead, as detected by data from the navigation system and sensors used by driver assistance systems. When approaching a junction, for example, the degree of recuperation can be increased, working to feed energy back into the high-voltage battery while harnessing the deceleration effect at the same time. As you'd expect the driver can alter these settings in the iDrive menu.

The fifth-generation of BMW eDrive technology uses a high-voltage battery, the iX xDrive50 is fitted with a high-voltage battery – 105.2 kWh, the xDrive40 h 71 kWh. Power can be taken on board at a rate of up to 195 kW (iX xDrive50) or 150 kW (iX xDrive40). This allows the battery’s state of charge to be increased from 10 to 80 percent in around 35-minutes in the iX xDrive50 or 31-minutes in the case of the iX xDrive40. A range of up to 90-miles for the iX xDrive50 and over 59-miles for the iX xDrive40 can be delivered in just ten minutes when they are plugged into a DC high-power station, as long as there is an initial battery charge of 10 percent or more.

UK cars come supplied complete with a Flexible Charger offering a charging rate of up to 11 kW and a mode 3 charging cable for public charging stations. Retail customers purchasing their iX via the BMW UK Retail Network will receive a BMW Charging card which facilitates access to special tariffs offered by the BMW Charging network. This allows charging at both public and high-power charging stations. In addition, ‘bp pulse’ and ‘IONITY Plus’ packages are offered to iX customers without a subscription fee for the first 12 months of ownership. With these additional benefits, BMW iX customers in the UK gain access to one of the world’s largest public charging networks, using just one RFID card or App.


The iX offers the most extensive set of standard driver assistance systems ever seen on a BMW. The potential for automated driving and parking functions, a new generation of sensors, a new software stack and a powerful computing platform provide the basis for what BMW calls 'exceptional intelligence'. Five cameras, five radar sensors and 12 ultrasonic sensors are used to monitor the vehicle’s surroundings.

An advanced forward collision warning system, Steering and Lane Control Assistant, Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function, exit warning (which alerts to the presence of cyclists or pedestrians in the surrounding area before the doors are opened), and the Interior Camera are both all either new or improved features.

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