2025 Triumph

2025 Triumph

The battle between Triumph and MG was an era-defining one for the UK automotive industry and one that continues to play out within the UK’s historic motor racing scene most weekends in the summer months.

MG is still going strong, thanks to its Chinese ownership, and having a nose for launching value-driven cars that are on the money, quite literally, in today’s world. But as we heard that it’s building a successor to the F, plus one to that most cliched of sports cars, the B, surely now is the time for Triumph to be resurrected.

The name is still owned by BMW, thanks to the fallout from the German company’s disastrous dalliance with Rover, so it feels like there’s a slot for a Triumph rival to the Mazda MX-5. A new take on the TR4, if you will. It could use Mini’s new Spotlight EV platform, which, although front-wheel drive, should continue to champion sharp handling, thanks to the expensive multi-link rear suspension that it’s getting.

Crucially, it’s also compact, so the modern-day TR4 wouldn’t have to balloon too much, with enough space for two people and some luggage behind. It could even be a 2+2 arrangement, differentiating it from its Mazda rival.

Power? Well, the Spotlight platform is solely electric. But manufacturing it alongside the new Mini EV in China might give the economies of scale necessary. Over to you, BMW...

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