​Lamborghini’s next-gen 2025 Huracan goes PHEV

​Lamborghini’s next-gen 2025 Huracan goes PHEV

Lamborghini’s smaller supercar loses its V10, but it will still be a hard-charging bull. By Georg Kacher.

Illustration: Avarvarii

The Scoop: how Lamborghini will follow the Huracan with a plug-in hybrid


Unlike the V10 that had to be shared with the Audi R8 (above), Lamborghini’s new V8 is entirely its own product and not derived from anything else. While the plug-in hybrid replacement for the Huracan will lose the signature 10-cylinder shriek, power will still be outrageous – and it’ll pass EU7 emissions regs.


Lambo is going down the same path as McLaren by developing a carbonfibre tub that’ll serve as the core of its sports cars. The lightweight and strong carbon ‘monofuselage’ will be supplemented by aluminium with the Huracan replacement, in order to save costs compared to the predominantly carbonfibre Revuelto.


The Huracan replacement, like the upcoming V12-powered Revuelto that replaces the larger Aventador, will have e-motors designed to supplement power and reduce lag. Lambo’s electrification plans are in full effect, and while the Sián (above) and its supercapacitors kicked it all off, now it’s time for the big guns.


As well as an upgraded Urus S (above) and upcoming PHEV, the Huracan’s replacement and the Revuelto are to be complemented by a fourth model. It’s likely to be all-electric and, while details aren’t set in stone just yet, could become a smaller crossover to bring the Urus formula to a bigger market.


  • POWERTRAIN 4.0-litre V8 plus e-motors, all-wheel drive
  • CHASSIS Aluminium and carbon monofuselage
  • DUE 2024

Revolution isn’t in the styling but in the chassis and powertrain

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