Hyundai’s EV entourage

Hyundai’s EV entourage

Like the look of the Ioniq 5? it’s just the tip of Hyundai’s electric spear


Ioniq 5 is just the start as the Koreans prepare for an assault with battery

Details are emerging about the EV models Hyundai is planning to launch as follow-ups to the excellent Ioniq 5.

A leaked presentation, which was shown to investors in the US, has revealed rough timings and specification details of the upcoming Ioniq 6 sedan and Ioniq 7 large SUV. And they look promising.

Hyundai has confirmed both models are on the radar for Australia, with the Ioniq 6 to launch first with a mooted arrival sometime next year.

Built on the same e-GMP platform as the Ioniq 5, the 6 will be strongly influenced by last year’s swoopy Prophecy concept. And given how closely the Ioniq 5 resembles the retro-cool 45 concept, we wouldn’t expect the Prophecy’s bold look to be overly watered down.

A 73kWh battery pack is tipped to bring a range of more than 480km, while there will be single- or dual-motor versions with 160kW and 230kW respectively. It’s expected the Sonata-sized Ioniq 6 could also spawn a high-performance N variant.

The Ioniq 7 is further away by a couple of years and is expected in 2024. A large SUV – think Santa Fe for sizing – the 7 will also utilise the e-GMP platform, though drivetrain configurations will likely be different due both to the size of the Ioniq 7, as well as developments over the next couple of years. Early reports also suggest the 7 will be available in six- or seven-seat configurations.While the Ioniq range will act as flagship EV variants, Hyundai is also planning an aggressive expansion of other electrified models in Australia. By 2025 the Korean brand hopes to sell all 44 electrified models Down Under, 23 of which will be all-electric. Hybrid versions of the popular Tucson mid-size SUV, Santa Fe and i30 are available in overseas markets, making them obvious additions to the Aussie line-up, once their business cases stacks up.

“We will offer every one of them in Australia if we can; that’s the aim,” said Hyundai spokesperson Bill Thomas.

“Our ability to secure them all will depend to an extent on market demand. Hyundai will prioritise supply to larger markets where demand is stimulated to a greater extent by government incentives… but we’re committed regardless of the barriers placed before us.”

“We will offer every single one of them in Australia if we can; that’s the aim”


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