BMW 2002tiis hit new market price peaks

BMW 2002tiis hit new market price peaks

The 2002tii was lasted covered here in June 2016. At that time you could still buy them in the teens, though we suggested £20k-plus prices were on the horizon. Largely because they had fallen behind their traditional rival, the Alfa 105-series GTV.

How times have changed since then. Though disciples of both marques have kept the battle raging. Those Alfas may now be pushing £40k for the best examples, but they are still glancing over their shoulders, figuratively speaking. We recently raised top 2002tii values to £35k, but it looks like even that may not be enough.

Asking prices for several cars are already above that level, and late last year Historics sold one with some historic rallying pedigree for nearly £42,000. Now Bonhams has topped even that by getting £42,450 for a wellpreserved Californian market car.

Find a seller who hasn’t quite kept up-todateand that could make a very smart buy.

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