Porsche chases profits

Porsche chases profits

Porsche will impose “significant price increases” on its models in the middle of the year as it seeks to keep profits high, the company’s chief financial officer said. The VW-owned company also said it will price future electric versions of the Macan, 718 Boxster and Cayenne 10-15% higher than internal-combustion-engined versions, which will remain on sale.

Porsche’s sports car range currently starts at £47,700 for the 718, while its cheapest four-door is the entry-level Macan, which opens at £50,800 in the UK.

Porsche EVs, including Macan, will have a 10-15% premium

Nigel Pepper 1 month ago #

Welp, if the market will support it, so be it. Good for them.

nobody is buying a Macan because they *need* a Macan.

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