Luxury EVs to crown Alfa-Romeo range

Luxury EVs to crown Alfa-Romeo range

A Porsche Taycan rivalling large saloon will be launched in 2027 as Alfa Romeo’s new flagship model alongside an all-electric replacement for the Stelvio SUV.

The low-slung E-segment model, which will be signed off by the end of the year, will be a crucial step towards bolstering the brand’s popularity in the US and China, CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato said.

It will arrive a year after the new Stelvio’s debut and both are expected to use parent Stellantis’s STLA Large platform.

While the SUV – a follow-up to Alfa’s best-selling car in Europe, with 16,009 units sold last year – will major on practicality, the saloon will be focused on comfort and range, Imparato told Autocar. “If you speak about range, you speak about a sedan [saloon],” he said, hinting that it will arrive with a sleek, aerooptimised design that should help it net a lofty maximum range to match long-legged rivals like the Lucid Air and Mercedes-Benz EQS.

Certainly, if it uses a 100kWh battery – as previewed by sibling brand Peugeot’s STLA-based Inception concept – a range of over 450 miles seems feasible. Given that the saloon and SUV will share a platform with the Giulia, they will most likely share its fundamental drivetrain offering too, for outputs starting at 345bhp and rising to 790bhp – or close to 1000bhp in hot Quadrifoglio variants. Imparato hinted that the pair could share a production line at the firm’s Cassino factory in Italy, but this hasn’t yet been confirmed.

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