Bespoke Porsche 911 964s make their debut

Bespoke Porsche 911 964s make their debut

Two British-built custom 911s from Theon Design and Everrati wowed the crowds at the prestigious Salon Privé London show.

Porsche specialist Theon Design has revealed its latest creation, based on a 964 generation 911 Carrera 4 (top photo). This unique build is the latest reworked offering from the Oxfordshire-based team. The ITA001, affectionately known as the Italian Job, will soon be winging its way to its new owner in Milan, Italy, following its debut at Salon Privé London at the end of April.

Theon Design ITA001 features lightweight carbon bodywork, semi-active suspension and a 400bhp 4.0-litre air-cooled flat six engine, mated to an original 993 RS six-speed gearbox and limitedslip differential. Meanwhile, 993 RS brakes hide behind 18-inch Fuchs alloy wheels. According to the company, its wet weight is just 1,152kg.

Bespoke Porsche 911 964s make their debut

The chassis features switchable five-stage TracTive Active Controlled Electronics (ACE) suspension. The dampers have been calibrated to deliver the perfect setup for a wide range of driving conditions, while a hydraulic nose lift system ensures that rough ground will be traversed with ease. Further active elements include a switchable, fully ceramic-coated exhaust that delivers the all-important aural thrills.

Its striking exterior is joined by an equally attractive interior. Recaro ‘touring’ seats trimmed in soft tobacco Bridle leather are complemented by touches of modernity, including a Focal sound system controlled via Bluetooth from a smartphone. The latter slots into a hidden magnetic wireless charging slot on the woven leather dashboard. While we can’t provide you with a cost for this build, we do know that Theon Design’s commissions start at £380,000. Each car is unique, created in collaboration with the customer, and can take 18 months to build.

Joining the aforementioned 964-based creation from Theon Design, comes a second bespoke 911 (above left), also made in England and also making its debut at Salon Privé London – this time hailing from Everrati. Known for converting iconic cars to electric power, Everrati’s global headquarters is in Oxfordshire, and its latest project is also based on a 964 chassis.

The car is said to be the world’s first redefined electric Porsche 911 Cabriolet. The unique vehicle brings together open-top, zero-emission motoring thanks to what Everrati calls a “state-of-the-art OEM-grade EV powertrain” using a 62kWh battery, although the company doesn’t specify which electric vehicle served as a donor. The conversion provides the option of either 440 or 500bhp outputs; the latter reportedly enables the reworked 911 to accelerate from 0 to 60mph in under four seconds, with a total driving range of 200 miles. Alongside the reborn 964, Everrati also showcased its flagship electric supercar, the GT40, and a Land Rover Series IIA – also electric.

Justin Lunny, CEO of Everrati, said: “We’re thrilled to be attending Salon Privé London and showcasing our electric redefined 911 Cabriolet and GT40. These two iconic cars are a testament to our commitment to preserving classic automotive history, while integrating advanced electric powertrain technology to enhance their performance and sustainability.”

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