Kimera Automobili EV037 Fuses Rally 037 & integrale

Kimera Automobili EV037 Fuses Rally 037 & integrale

The specification has been revealed of a new car that mixes elements of the legendary Lancia Rally 037 racer and Delta integrale. The Kimera Automobili EV037 melds the profile of the 037 with styling touches of the integrale Evo.

The team behind the car includes several people who worked on the original Rally 037. Sergio Limone approved the setting of the chassis and the layout of the new car, while other talents include Franco Innocenti (workshop), Claudio Lombardi (engine), Vittorio Roberti (assembly and materials) and ex-rally World Champion Miki Biasion (testing).

The starting point of the EVO37, as with the original Lancia, is the central section of the Beta Montecarlo, to which selfsupporting tubular frames are affixed front and rear. The EVO37 draws some styling inspiration from the Delta integrale in aspects such as the flared wheelarches, quad headlights and alloy wheels, while the body makes use of carbonfibre in its construction. The cabin uses the dashboard and central tunnel of the Lancia 037 but adds S4-style seats and new trim.

The 2111cc engine shares the original Rally 037’s four-cylinder twin-cam Group B block but with the Lancia S4 concept of a turbocharger and supercharger added. Engineered by Claudio Lombardi – the inventor of the original Lancia ‘Triflux’ engine – it delivers 500hp and 550Nm of torque. With an all-up weight of less than a tonne, performance should be exceptional but the car been designed with daily use in mind, says Kimera. A choice either manual or sequential automatic transmission is offered. Pirelli run-flat tyres wrap around 18in wheels up front and 19in at the rear. The suspension keeps the original 037 scheme but with adjustable Öhlins dampers. Brembo brakes are available with conventional or carbon-ceramic discs.

Kimera Automobili, based in Cuneo in Italy, was founded by rally driver Luca Betti, who has a long history of renovating Delta S4s and Rally 037s. He commented: “This is the car that Lancia would be making today if had kept going with the 037.”

Only 37 examples will be made priced at 480,000 euros each, 11 of which have already been sold. Kimera is evaluating making a further 10 ‘integrale’ examples with four-wheel drive.

The Kimera EVO37’s dynamic debut will take place at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July, with production scheduled from September. For more information, visit

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