Reborn classics KAMM Manufaktur’s restomod Porsche 911/912 continue to thrive

Reborn classics KAMM Manufaktur’s restomod Porsche 911/912 continue to thrive

Everrati’s latest electrified 911 and KAMM Manufaktur’s restomod 912 are thelatest models to make waves on the bespoke, reborn, classic Porsche scene

Oxfordshire-based firm Everrati has added a new Porsche 911 to its range of classic electrified vehicles. The latest offering, pictured above, is based on the G-Series body and pays homage to the legendary 911 ST. Like its recent creations, including Coupe and Targa versions of the 964, and the world’s first electrified classic 911 Cabriolet, the ST has been fitted with a stateof- the-art electric powertrain designed to futureproof it for decades to come.

The original 911 ST was produced in limited numbers between 1970 and 1971, and was designed for racing. Everrati’s homage, built in partnership with leading Porsche customisation specialists RS Werks in Pennsylvania, USA, combines the look and feel of the car upon which it’s based, with motorsport-inspired aesthetics and weight-saving measures.

The 911’s original G-Series shell has been expertly restored before being fitted with electric motors and a 62kWh battery. This provides a driving range of over 200 miles. At the same time it delivers the equivalent of 440bhp to the rear wheels via a limited slip differential. The setup enables the Everrati ST to reach 60mph in under four seconds.

AC and DC fast charging, air-conditioning, power steering and Apple’s CarPlay app are further touches of modernity. Customers can also opt to upgrade the chassis with TracTrive electronically controlled active and adaptive suspension. For further details and pricing visit Meanwhile, KAMM Manufaktur, the Budapestbased Porsche specialist, has announced the production specification for its 912C, first revealed in prototype form in September 2022 (see issue 225). The prototype restomod was unashamedly geared for the track: however, its production counterpart will be equally at home on the road.

The road-legal production specification of the KAMM 912C, pictured below, weighs just 750kg (wet weight). A fully restored and reinforced 912 body and chassis, semi-carbon in nature, comes as standard, although customers can now opt for a full carbon-fibre bodyshell. The car’s 2.0-litre, four-cylinder, air-cooled engine has been built in collaboration with Swiss motorsport experts JPS Aircooled. It produces 190bhp and 228Nm of torque with a redline of 7,200rpm.

With uprated internals, electronic fuel injection, DBW throttle bodies, Life Racing ECU and bespoke stainless steel exhaust system, the 912C also has the option of a track-tuned engine. The chassis has been revised for production, including changes to the steering rack gearing (2.5 turns lock-to-lock compared to 1.7 on the prototype). TracTive-based KAMM semi-active coilover suspension and APC brakes improve performance and complete the impressive chassis arrangement.

Every 912C is built to order following a consultation with KAMM founder, Miklós Kázmér. The 2023 KAMM 912C is priced at €360,000 (£313,000), which includes a donor 912. Customers can also choose to use their own car for conversion, reducing the cost to €320,000 (£278,000). There’s more information at

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