2028 Skoda Enyaq Mk2: A Landmark for the Brand

2028 Skoda Enyaq Mk2: A Landmark for the Brand

The Skoda Enyaq is set to enter its second generation in 2028, marking a significant milestone for the Czech automaker. It will be the first car from Skoda to utilize the Volkswagen Group's cutting-edge SSP (Scalable Systems Platform) electric car platform.

Skoda's CEO, Klaus Zellmer, made the announcement at the unveiling of the new Kodiaq, confirming the brand's shift to the SSP platform, which is expected to underpin a remarkable 80% of Volkswagen Group cars in the near future. The Mk2 Enyaq will be the pioneer in transitioning from the current MEB platform to the SSP platform.

2028 Skoda Enyaq Mk2: A Landmark for the Brand

2028 Skoda Enyaq Mk2: A Landmark for the Brand

The first Skoda vehicle built on the SSP platform is anticipated to hit the market in 2028 or 2029, coinciding with Volkswagen's use of the same architecture for an electric successor to the Golf. Zellmer mentioned, «This is when the Enyaq – which will be manufactured in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic – will make the switch to SSP.»

Regarding the specific changes and improvements in the new Enyaq, Zellmer remained tight-lipped, saying only, «We are still working on that.» Given the success of the current Enyaq iV, Skoda's first bespoke electric car, the brand is likely to retain its winning formula while introducing a radical new design consistent with Skoda's rugged 'Modern Solid' design ethos.

The second-gen Enyaq will continue to prioritize practicality, and it's expected to be closely related to the upcoming Space BEV electric seven-seater.

The upcoming Enyaq will benefit from significant technological advancements set to be integrated into VW Group production cars in the coming years. The SSP platform offers a highly adaptable modular architecture, promising substantial improvements in range, efficiency, power, and affordability compared to the current MEB structure used by EVs from VW, Skoda, Cupra, and Audi.

One of the key changes is the introduction of a new 'Unified' battery structure, developed in-house, which will be shared across most VW Group model lines to achieve cost savings. Preliminary information suggests 800V compatibility will significantly reduce charging times, making it even more convenient for electric vehicle owners.

VW Group CEO Oliver Blume has hinted at a new modular approach where components are shared more extensively between cars and brands, potentially bringing the next Enyaq closer to the price range of Skoda's five-seat Kodiaq.

Another essential upgrade for the SSP era is the introduction of a new software stack, referred to as 2.0. This stack will bring several usability and functionality upgrades, including the capacity for hands-free driving up to level four.

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