Bold-new 2025 Mercedes-Benz – the incredible 1000bhp future AMG Electric GT 4-Door Coupé flagship

Bold-new 2025 Mercedes-Benz – the incredible 1000bhp future AMG Electric GT 4-Door Coupé flagship

Mercedes-AMG's 1000bhp Electric GT 4-Door Coupé Successor — A Game Changer in the Electric Super-Saloon Market.


In a significant leap towards electrifying the automotive world, Mercedes-AMG is gearing up to introduce its first bespoke electric sports car in 2025. This groundbreaking electric super-saloon, poised to be the most potent road car in the company's history, is set to revolutionize the high-performance electric vehicle (EV) landscape. As a formidable contender in the EV market, it serves as a compelling alternative to its V8-powered counterpart, the GT 63 4-Door Coupé. This article delves into the performance, design, and innovative technology that set this electric powerhouse apart.

Performance and Design:

This visionary electric sports car, designed from the ground up, places a paramount emphasis on both dynamic performance and straight-line speed. The cornerstone of its performance is the bespoke AMG.EA electric architecture, carefully engineered to mirror the sleek silhouettes characteristic of AMG's combustion sports cars.

What truly sets this platform apart is the advanced electric motor technology from the British company Yasa, acquired by Mercedes in 2021. These axial-flux motors are a revelation, offering higher power and torque densities compared to conventional radial-flux motors. Impressively, they weigh only 24kg yet produce a formidable 590lb ft of torque and 480bhp. When employed in a twin-motor system, it's conceivable that this electric super-saloon could push the boundaries, possibly reaching 1000bhp and 1000lb ft of torque.


Rival manufacturers such as BMW M and Audi are also diving into the electric performance car arena. While these competitors boast platforms capable of delivering over 1300bhp for their upcoming sports EVs, they have yet to reveal specifics regarding their potential contenders to the AMG super-saloon.

Propulsion System:

The propulsion system in this groundbreaking vehicle is not limited to conventional four-wheel drive. Inspired by the recently unveiled One-Eleven concept from Mercedes, the electric motors are housed on the rear axle, enhancing aerodynamic efficiency while preserving ample space for a sizable rear luggage compartment. This innovation demonstrates that AMG is committed to retaining the practicality expected from a super-tourer, even in the world of electric sports cars.

Prototypes and Market Launch:

Excitingly, prototypes of the electric GT 63 successor are expected to hit the road in the coming months, paving the way for a market debut in 2025. The Vision 2025 concept, unveiled by AMG last year, offers a glimpse into the model's shape and size, measuring 5100mm in length with a 3000mm wheelbase. This indicates a deliberate focus on interior spaciousness while preserving superior handling and aerodynamic performance.

Innovative Battery Design:

To ensure an extraordinary electric sports car, AMG is introducing a novel slimline, energy-dense battery design exclusively tailored for AMG EVs. This design, incorporating a silicon anode material from the US company Sila, promises a remarkable 40% enhancement in energy density compared to conventional graphite anodes. Not only does this boost the car's range, but it also liberates additional room within the interior.

Bold Cabin Design:

Following the trend set by their Benz-badged counterparts, new-era AMG vehicles will feature a striking cabin design, centered around a full-width high-definition screen, reminiscent of the Concept One-Eleven. While the 2025 saloon accommodates four passengers, future models may even consider a third rear seat to enhance practicality.

Unique Lighting Feature:

The distinct 'exhaust pipe' LED graphic, initially seen in the Vision 2025 concept, will be a striking feature retained in the production model.

Enhanced Efficiency:

Yasa claims their latest motors can achieve a remarkable 98% efficiency, representing a significant improvement over the estimated 90% average of today's electric motors.


The electric super-saloon from Mercedes-AMG is poised to usher in a new era of high-performance electric vehicles. With its cutting-edge technology, bespoke electric architecture, and innovative battery design, it promises to be a dominant force in the growing market of electric sports saloons. The highly anticipated market launch in 2025 is expected to capture the imagination of automotive enthusiasts worldwide, offering a vehicle that excels not only in straight-line speed but also in dynamic performance and overall engagement. Prepare for the revolution.

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