Vauxhall city car New electric hatch with £22k price

Vauxhall city car New electric hatch with £22k price

Vauxhall Plans Compact Electric City Car Priced from £22,000


Vauxhall, under the leadership of parent company Opel, is exploring the development of an affordable electric city car set to launch at an enticing £22,000. This new addition aims to create a compact urban mobility solution and fit snugly beneath the Vauxhall Corsa Electric, which currently starts at £32,445. The model is poised to compete with upcoming electric city cars like the Renault 5 and the Kia EV2.

New Developments:

Florian Huettl, CEO of Opel, hinted at the feasibility of this city car project and mentioned the potential use of advanced battery technologies to reduce production costs, enhance interior space, and reduce vehicle weight. This approach would allow smaller electric vehicles to offer competitive ranges similar to larger models while maintaining a compact footprint and an affordable price point. Huettl emphasized the goal of achieving a €25,000 price tag for the next-generation electric vehicle, acknowledging the increasing demand for cost-effective electric cars.

Technical Options:

Vauxhall has a range of technical options at its disposal for this future electric city car. The parent company, Stellantis, offers various platforms, including the upcoming STLA Small architecture, designed to replace the current E-CMP platform used by the Corsa Electric. The STLA Small platform is versatile, accommodating cars from A-segment to C-segment with battery capacities ranging from 37kWh to 82kWh, making it an ideal fit for a small city car.

Another feasible option could be: adopting Citroën's Smart Car platform, currently used in the recently unveiled ë-C3 supermini. This platform, with a starting price of £20,100, can potentially be adapted for other Stellantis brands, allowing for the creation of smaller vehicles beyond superminis.

Sibling Models:

At this stage, it remains unofficial whether Opel-Vauxhall is actively considering launching a sibling model to the ë-C3. However, it is worth noting that Vauxhall already offers its version of the Citroën Ami, known as the Rocks-E, in various global markets.


While the electric vehicle market is expanding, Vauxhall acknowledges the challenges of achieving a €20,000 price point, as the cost of materials remains a limiting factor.


Vauxhall's venture into an affordable electric city car underscores the growing demand for cost-effective electric mobility solutions. With advanced battery technology and versatile platforms at its disposal, the brand is poised to provide an appealing urban-oriented option for environmentally conscious consumers. While challenges remain, Vauxhall is committed to meeting the evolving demands of the automotive market.

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