2024 Aston Martin DB12 Volante revealed

2024 Aston Martin DB12 Volante revealed

Aston Martin has introduced its latest Volante model, based on the recently released DB12. It follows a long tradition of convertibles produced by the British company.

“Creating open-air performance machines for drivers has always held a special place in hearts across Aston Martin, dating back to 1965, with our introduction of the first Volante model, the legendary Short Chassis,” said Marek Reichman, Aston Martin’s chief creative officer. “It has been, and always will be, a design beacon for us. The new DB12 Volante is again another emotional Aston Martin design form with a desire to be driven.”

Developed in parallel with its coupe stablemate, the DB12 Volante boasts the same design, engineering and technological advances. This includes the same rigid bonded aluminium structure which Aston says will deliver a similar level of dynamics as the coupe.

The company also says key structural elements, such as the rear suspension upper mounting points and lateral connections, as well as performance additions including the engine cross brace, boost the DB12 Volante’s global torsional stiff ness by almost five percent. The mounting points for all suspension attachments were extensively upgraded laterally.

Thanks to changes to underbody components, including the engine cross brace, the DB12 Volante sees a 3.7 percent increase in global torsional stiffness, along with focused improvement in lateral stiff ness and gains in suspension performance and refinement. A non-isolated steering column and a stiff er front axle (+140 percent) contributes to improvements in on and off-centre steering feel and an overall sense of driver connection.

As per the coupe, the Volante is powered by a 4.0 twin-turbo V8 engine which produces 671bhp and 590lb ft of torque which equates to a 0-60mph time of 3.6 seconds and a top speed of 202mph.

The new Volante features an electrically-operated ‘K-fold’ roof. Named because of the two-stage folding action, it achieves a class-leading 260mm stack height when folded. When lowered, the K-fold mechanism sits low beneath a hard tonneau cover to create a beautifully elegant tail.

The roof operation takes 14 seconds to open and 16 seconds to close and can be used at speeds of up to 31mph and into a 31mph headwind. For additional convenience and a little theatre, the roof mechanism can be operated via the remote keys within a two-metre radius of the car.

Said Aston Martin’s chief executive officer, Amedeo Felisa, “For many of our customers, roof down driving is the greatest pleasure. Aston Martin Volantes have captured that emotion and expressed it in unique style for more than six decades”.

Production of the new DB12 Volante is due to commence soon, with first deliveries scheduled to begin late in 2023.

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