2025 Mercedes-Benz EQE and EQS due 500-mile range

2025 Mercedes-Benz EQE and EQS due 500-mile range

Mercedes-Benz is preparing an extensive platform and drivetrain upgrade for its EQE and EQS electric models, with the aim of slashing charging times while boosting range and performance.

Due for UK sales in 2025, the upgraded EQE and EQS – in both saloon and SUV forms – are set to adopt a new platform that’s known internally as EVA2M.

The new structure, a development of today’s EVA2, forgoes the 400V drivetrain electrical architecture of the current cars for a more advanced 800V system that permits higher battery charging power and therefore quicker charging times. For reference, the current cars max out at 200kW.

The updated EVs are also set to receive new electric motors produced in-house, in place of the Valeo motors used today. The so-called eATS2.0 units are said to bring improvements in power and efficiency, operating in conjunction with a new two-speed gearbox that allows high torque loads and a higher top speed. The new motors will be powered by a new range of fifth-generation batteries. These are said to receive the same cell chemistry as those set to appear in the upcoming production version of the Concept CLA, which is based on Mercedes’ smaller MMA platform.

Other changes centre on the EQE and EQS models’ power electronics systems, which will be upgraded with a more powerful siliconcarbide structure that, insiders say, reduces heat losses and results in a 5% increase in range. This means the top-rung EQS saloon, for example, could be officially capable of more than 500 miles on a charge. The changes will set up the EQE and EQS saloons and SUVs for an additional three years of production.

On Mercedes’ current planning schedule, they will be replaced in 2028 by successor models built on the firm’s forthcoming MB:EA platform.

The first MB:EA-based cars are set to arrive in early 2026 in the form of a pair of EQC models, one an alternative to the C-Class saloon and the other conceived in the same mould as the GLC SUV.

EQS update will be far more wide-reaching than a usual facelift. EQE and EQS both come in saloon and SUV forms.

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