​New Ferrari GT: Flagship Successor Retains Powerful V12 Engine

​New Ferrari GT: Flagship Successor Retains Powerful V12 Engine

In the much-anticipated successor to the 812 Superfast, Ferrari remains loyal to its powerful V12 engine, surpassing expectations for the new GT set to debut in 2024.

Ferrari GT supercar Flagship 812 successor gets V12

Spotted during extensive testing in Italy, this upcoming grand tourer, speculated to succeed the 812, boasts an extended bonnet, strongly suggesting the continuation of Ferrari's iconic V12 engine. Contrary to trends, there's no sign of electrification, maintaining the unassisted V12 legacy of its predecessor.

Ferrari staunchly upholds its commitment to the 12-cylinder powertrain, a sentiment echoed by Flavio Manzoni, Ferrari's head of design, emphasizing the emotional superiority of the V12 despite its lower efficiency compared to a potential V8 turbo.

While yet to be officially acknowledged by Ferrari, sources hint at a 2024 launch, aligning with past release patterns. Despite heavy camouflage, glimpses of redesigned headlights and exhausts hint at a wholly new design rather than a mere upgrade from the 812.

Expected to share elements with the Purosangue SUV, the new GT promises a luxurious yet high-performance appeal, potentially following the hybrid path of its sibling. However, Ferrari seems committed to maintaining the V12 engine's purity, leaving room for potential electrification using smaller engines.

Ferrari's stance on e-fuel-powered cars could extend the lifespan of their internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles beyond the proposed 2035 ban in the European Union, potentially shaping the trajectory of future emissions strategies.

Speculation looms about turbocharging the V12 for enhanced power and reduced emissions, although Ferrari has not confirmed this direction. Moreover, the potential power increase for the successor to the 812 remains uncertain, despite recent models surpassing the 800bhp mark.

When Can We Expect It?
While Ferrari's attendance at the 2024 Geneva Motor Show remains unconfirmed, the nearly showroom-ready prototypes suggest an imminent reveal, indicating a close horizon for the GT's unveiling.

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