‘Tera’ V12 Jaguar E-type reimagined

‘Tera’ V12 Jaguar E-type reimagined

Irrepressible Jaguar enthusiast, Neville Swales took the opportunity of using Phillip Porters’ amazing E-type 60 event at the Shelsley Walsh to hand over the keys of the first iteration of his latest ‘E-type Reimagined’ project.

The new owner was suitably overawed and obviously cannot wait to get behind the wheel. Those that have followed and admired Nevilles’ exploits will know of his XJ13 recreation, utilising one of the very few genuine quad-cam 5.0 V12 engines to have survived. From this, he was inspired to develop a modern interpretation of that engine, developed in the way, that had it been productionalised, may well have been used in high performance Jaguar product of the period.

Jaguar’s Series III V12 E-type reproduced by Building the Legend Limited

The visually stunning ‘Tera’ V12, available in both 6.1 and 6.8 litre displacements, forms the heart of his latest creation. It is planned to build 24 of the cars over the next four years, no two will be the same and will be based around an utterly unique re-body and re-interpretation of Jaguar’s S3 V12 E-Type in coupe, roadster or ‘lowdrag racecar’ form.

Neville’s cars are designed regain the purity and elegance of the early S1 E-Types – a attribute that was lost as the series evolved over the years. Classic Jaguar will shortly be visiting his Coventry ‘Building the Legend’ workshops and we will report on this and all his previous endeavours. For those who can’t wait, visiting www.BuildingtheLegend.co.uk will provide the necessary information.

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