2025 Honda NSX to return as halo EV

2025 Honda NSX to return as halo EV

Honda's iconic NSX is set to make a triumphant return as an electric vehicle (EV), marking a significant shift in the Japanese automaker's strategy. The company's CEO, Toshihiro Mibe, confirmed the development of an electric sports car that will serve as the flagship for Honda's upcoming 0 Series line-up.

Following the introduction of the Saloon concept, which is slated to be the inaugural model in the 0 Series, Mibe emphasized Honda's commitment to researching sports cars in the EV era. He revealed that the Research and Development (R&D) center is actively working on a sports car, signaling a promising evolution in Honda's vehicle portfolio.

While specific details about the production version remain undisclosed, Mibe assured that progress is steadily underway in the car's development. Positioned as a halo for the 0 Series electric cars, the sports car is poised to hit the market in 2026, showcasing cutting-edge technical innovations designed to enhance interior space, reduce battery weight, and improve overall efficiency. The overarching goal is to prioritize the 'joy of driving' with a focus on driver engagement.

Drawing inspiration from the 0 Series concept unveiled at CES, the sports car will adopt a distinctive low-slung, cab-forward profile, and a minimalist, driver-focused cockpit aimed at eliminating distractions. Notably, the battery design will be slimmer than current EVs, and the car will utilize e-axle drive units for propulsion, optimizing interior space.

Mibe hinted at the sports car possessing a «completely different taste» from any previous Honda performance cars, indicating a dedicated effort in the R&D program to create a unique and engaging driving experience. As part of this exploration, Honda is conducting a comprehensive analysis of the current electric sports car market without naming specific competitors.

The announcement aligns with the industry trend, as Akio Toyoda, Chairman of rival brand Toyota, confirmed their testing of an electric sports car prototype. Both Mibe and Toyoda emphasize the priority of making EVs fun to drive, regardless of the powertrain used.

Mibe's commitment to Honda's sporting EV vision dates back to 2011 when, as Honda's R&D boss, he unveiled plans to electrify the NSX for a third generation. More recently, at the reveal of the new Prelude coupé concept, Mibe reaffirmed Honda's dedication to a sports mindset, citing the company's continued involvement in Formula 1 as evidence of its commitment to performance.

While mass production details and timing are yet to be finalized, Mibe expressed personal enthusiasm for bringing the sporting EV to fruition. The return of the NSX as an electric powerhouse signifies Honda's forward-looking approach to technology and performance in the evolving automotive landscape.

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