Honda's 2025 New 0 Series Set to Introduce Bold Jazz and Civic Equivalents in the Electric Vehicle L

Honda's 2025 New 0 Series Set to Introduce Bold Jazz and Civic Equivalents in the Electric Vehicle L

In a groundbreaking move, Honda is gearing up to broaden its 0 Series electric vehicle (EV) family with the introduction of electric versions for popular models like the Jazz supermini and Civic hatchback. The company plans to launch the lineup, starting with the production version of the Saloon concept in 2026, followed closely by a related SUV model.

Honda's Head of Automobile Operations, Shinji Aoyama, expressed the company's vision, stating, «Towards the end of the 2020s, that's what we want to actualize.» CEO Toshihiro Mibe emphasized the need for more affordable EVs to increase volumes.

To achieve this, Honda is diligently working on reducing the cost and weight of EV batteries. Mibe hinted at the exploration of innovative battery technologies rather than simply downsizing, indicating potential advancements in battery chemistries and technical solutions.

Although Honda had previously collaborated with General Motors on a $5 billion plan to develop affordable EVs, the partnership was scrapped, prompting Honda to take on the challenge independently. Mibe explained, «Even if we jointly developed, it would have been a challenge. We decided to work on the affordable EV on our own.»

Recent glimpses into Honda's vision include the Sustaina-C concept, a small, affordable EV featuring a retro-styled design inspired by the classic Honda City. Emphasizing sustainability with a recyclable acrylic bodyshell, the Sustaina-C concept showcases Honda's commitment to eco-friendly innovation.

However, it's worth noting that the similarly sized Honda E, the brand's first electric car, will be discontinued after just three years. Despite this, Honda remains steadfast in its pursuit of alternative strategies to fulfill the demand for entry-level EVs.

In a bold move, Honda is not only redefining its EV lineup but also revolutionizing the concept of affordable electric mobility. Stay tuned for more updates as Honda drives towards a future of sustainable, accessible electric vehicles.

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