2027 Ford Capri Set to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle (EV)

2027 Ford Capri Set to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle (EV)

In an unexpected turn, Ford is resurrecting the iconic Capri badge, albeit with a modern twist. Set to rival the likes of the Polestar 2 and Tesla Model 3, the new 2027 Ford’s Capri is making a grand entrance into the electric vehicle arena.

A Nod to a Classic:

Ford is paying homage to one of its most beloved names with the revival of the Capri. While the new iteration won't feature the classic two-door or later three-door fastback design of its predecessor, spy images reveal an elevated EV boasting a sleek low roofline.

Embracing Known Quantities:

Teaming up with Volkswagen, Ford is tapping into the MEB platform for the new Capri, potentially leveraging the enhanced capabilities of the MEB+ version. Enthusiasts can anticipate impressive specs, including a remarkable range of up to 435 miles, available in both single-motor rear-wheel-drive and dual-motor all-wheel-drive configurations, with charging speeds reaching up to 200kW.

Transitioning as One Door Closes:

As the Capri enters the scene, it signals a potential farewell to the Ford Focus, with no electrified versions in sight to prolong its tenure. With shrinking margins and no collaborative efforts from other automakers, the Focus is likely nearing the end of its journey, expected to bow out in 2025.

EV Expansion:

Joining Ford's electric lineup in Europe under the 'Model E' umbrella, the new Capri will be one of four battery-electric vehicles offered by the brand. Alongside the renowned Mustang Mach-E and forthcoming Puma EV, it will contribute to Ford's commitment to electrification. Additionally, Ford's Pro division plans to introduce an electric Tourneo Courier by the close of 2024.

Fact File:

  • Powertrain: Offering single- and dual-motor variants, estimated to deliver up to 300bhp.
  • Chassis: Built on a sturdy steel monocoque platform.
  • Expected Arrival: Anticipated to hit the market by the end of 2024.


With its sleek silhouette reminiscent of the Polestar 2, the 2027 Ford’s Capri is poised to captivate enthusiasts and lead the charge in the electric vehicle revolution. Stay tuned for more updates as Ford drives towards a sustainable and electrifying future.

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