Introducing the Electric Range Rover Sport: Leading the Charge in JLR's Six-EV Strategy

Introducing the Electric Range Rover Sport: Leading the Charge in JLR's Six-EV Strategy

In a groundbreaking move, Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) is set to unveil not just one, but four electrified Range Rover models alongside two cutting-edge electric Jaguars by 2026. Among these innovative offerings is the highly anticipated Range Rover Sport EV, poised to redefine luxury electric SUVs and challenge competitors like the Lotus Eletre and upcoming electric Porsche Cayenne.


The Range Rover Sport EV is part of JLR's commitment to electrification, aligning with their ambitious Reimagine transformation strategy. Originally slated for six electric Land Rover models and at least one electric Jaguar by 2026, JLR has refined its electrification roadmap to ensure superior quality and responsiveness to evolving consumer preferences.

Introducing the Electric Range Rover Sport: Leading the Charge in JLR's Six-EV Strategy

CEO Adrian Mardell emphasizes JLR's dedication to delivering top-tier electric vehicles, stating, «We're taking our time to make sure we put the best vehicles we've ever developed into the marketplace with that new technology.» Despite slight delays in the electrification timeline, JLR remains steadfast in its commitment to electrify every product by the end of the decade.

The Range Rover Sport EV, alongside its flagship Range Rover counterpart, will be constructed on the versatile MLA platform, ensuring seamless integration of electric power while retaining the legendary off-road capabilities of the Range Rover lineage. Additionally, JLR is set to introduce two smaller electric SUVs, expected replacements for the Range Rover Evoque and Range Rover Velar, built on the new EMA platform.

Anticipation for the electric Range Rover lineup is palpable, with over 16,000 potential buyers already expressing interest. While specific technical details remain under wraps, it's anticipated that the Range Rover Sport EV will boast a four-wheel-drive powertrain delivering performance on par with today's V8 models, including remarkable acceleration and off-road prowess.

Furthermore, the Range Rover Sport EV will feature state-of-the-art 800V charging technology, enabling rapid top-ups and ensuring minimal downtime. While design cues from the ICE Range Rover Sport will be retained, the EV variant will showcase subtle enhancements that reflect its electric nature, such as a distinct grille, bespoke wheel designs, and unique paint options.

In line with JLR's commitment to sustainability and innovation, the Range Rover Sport EV will spearhead the company's foray into electric mobility, setting a new standard for luxury electric SUVs. As the automotive landscape evolves, JLR remains at the forefront, poised to deliver unparalleled driving experiences while reducing environmental impact.

Key Points:

  • The Range Rover Sport EV is a cornerstone of JLR's electrification strategy.
  • Four electric Land Rover models and two electric Jaguars will be launched by 2026.
  • The Range Rover Sport EV will offer exceptional performance and off-road capabilities.
  • Cutting-edge 800V charging technology will ensure rapid charging and convenience.
  • JLR remains committed to delivering superior electric vehicles while adapting to market dynamics.
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