Renault Espace Revival EV: A Return to its Roots with Electric Ingenuity

Renault Espace Revival EV: A Return to its Roots with Electric Ingenuity

In a bold move towards the future, Renault is contemplating a Renault Espace Revival EV, aiming to revive the iconic MPV while expanding its impressive lineup of electric vehicles. This reimagined classic is poised to counter the likes of the Volkswagen ID Buzz and Kia EV9 in the burgeoning electric MPV market.

Renault's global leader for the Ampr Medium platform, Olivier Brosse, shared insights with Autocar about this potential revival. He expressed that the adaptability of Renault's EV platforms allows them to revisit diverse body styles, hinting at the reintroduction of the Espace. Initially launched in 1984, the Espace captured hearts with its innovative design, and now, Renault envisions an electric people carrier that stays true to its iconic concept.

«Technically, bringing back the Espace as an electric seven-seat MPV based on the Ampr Medium architecture is feasible,» Brosse stated. This platform, formerly known as CMF-EV and already supporting models like the Mégane and Scenic electric crossovers, offers a promising foundation. However, Brosse acknowledges the challenges posed by weight, pointing out that vehicles exceeding 2.0-2.2 tonnes may require a switch to rear-wheel-drive or four-wheel-drive layouts.

Despite these technical considerations, Brosse emphasized the flexibility of Renault's architecture. «There's no strict policy at Renault,» he asserted, highlighting the benefits of electric car platforms, which optimize internal packaging and offer greater design freedom.

Drawing inspiration from its 1984 predecessor, the potential Renault Espace Revival EV could feature a boxy silhouette, short overhangs, and aerodynamically optimized design elements. These characteristics, reminiscent of France's TGV high-speed trains, could set it apart in a competitive market.

While Renault has not officially confirmed plans beyond its compact EVs, design boss Laurens van den Acker's previous remarks suggest a keen interest in reimagining classic designs. «Reinventing classic designs is irresistible,» van den Acker mentioned, hinting at more iconic models joining the expanding EV portfolio.

In a world filled with uncertainty, van den Acker believes in creating cars that evoke positive emotions. «Reviving cars that remind people of the brand's vibrant past can uplift spirits,» he added.

In conclusion, the potential Renault Espace Revival EV promises to blend nostalgia with cutting-edge electric technology, offering a glimpse into Renault's innovative future while honoring its illustrious past. Stay tuned for more updates on this exciting development!

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