Mercedes-AMG SUV 1000bhp-Plus: The Next-Gen Tech-Rich EV Powerhouse

Mercedes-AMG SUV 1000bhp-Plus: The Next-Gen Tech-Rich EV Powerhouse

Mercedes-AMG's Electrifying Venture into SUV Territory

Mercedes-AMG is gearing up to revolutionize the electric SUV landscape with its groundbreaking new release: a high-powered flagship SUV boasting over 1000bhp. This technologically advanced marvel is set to be a trailblazer in the EV segment, rivaling the likes of BMW XM, Lotus Eletre, and Porsche's anticipated KI.

Unlike its predecessors, this new Mercedes-AMG SUV is not a derivative of existing Mercedes-Benz models. It's a unique creation, entirely engineered by AMG. Much like the distinctive GT Coupe and GT 4-Door Coupe, this SUV promises bespoke styling and an interior layout that sets it apart. However, it's poised to succeed the legacy of the Mercedes-AMG GLE 63.

Key Features of the Tech-Rich Mercedes-AMG Super-SUV

This upcoming electric powerhouse will showcase an 800V electric architecture, cutting-edge axial flux electric motors, and an exclusive version of Mercedes' MB.OS operating system, internally referred to as AMG.OS. This SUV marks the second production model based on Mercedes' innovative AMG.EA platform, following the sleek GT 4-Door Coupe due for launch in 2025.

Markus Schafer, Mercedes' boss, hails this new architecture as a «technological trailblazer» set to pioneer numerous innovations. The SUV will feature an advanced Active Ride Control system, individual wheel pumps for self-leveling, and four-wheel steering for unparalleled performance.

Inside, the Mercedes-AMG super-SUV will boast a redesigned interior with a distinctive AMG dashboard display, AMG.OS operating system, and unique graphics, setting a new standard for luxury and technology.

Production and Future Prospects

Production of this groundbreaking SUV is slated to take place alongside the GT 4-Door Coupe at Mercedes-Benz's Sindelfingen plant in Germany. Sources reveal preparations are underway to accommodate these new electric AMG models on the production line.

These AMG.EA-based flagships are just the beginning of an expanding lineup of high-performance EVs from AMG. The brand is set to launch an electric version of the third-generation CLA in 2025, followed by performance versions of the next-gen GLA and GLB.

Innovative Technology and Performance

The new Mercedes-AMG SUV's technical prowess extends to its powertrain. With Vasa's axial flux motors weighing just 24kg each and delivering up to 480bhp, the SUV is poised to exceed 1000bhp. Combined with advanced four-wheel drive and torque-vectoring capabilities, it promises «a whole new level of variable traction possibilities,» as described by an AMG insider.

Mercedes-AMG's next-gen performance models will utilize these innovative motors in conjunction with an 800V electric architecture and a high-performance battery pack featuring unique cell chemistry and silicon anode material from Sila.


The Mercedes-AMG SUV 1000bhp-plus tech-rich new EV represents a significant leap forward in electric SUV technology. With its groundbreaking features, unparalleled performance, and luxurious interior, it's set to redefine the boundaries of what's possible in the world of electric vehicles.

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