Merc’s convertible cull… CLE planned… Maybach could revive old concepts…

Merc’s convertible cull… CLE planned… Maybach could revive old concepts…

The Mercedes-Benz SLC is no more and won’t be replaced. The same fate will befall the C- and E-Class droptops, and the race director in the sky will black-flag a new AMG GT Roadster in order to give the upcoming SL some breathing space. The demise of the most emotional Mercedes products was a decision based on the need to cut costs and stop cannibalising sales of its own models.

Along with the new SL, due with all-wheel drive and PHEV power very soon, Mercedes will fuse the C- and E-Class convertibles into one newcomer, the CLE, and a coupe version. Codenamed A/C236, the new arrivals are tipped to combine the less expensive C-Class front axle with multi-link rear suspension. Designed to look wide, low and sporty, the CLE has to strike a balance between the two segments it must straddle. Expect it in 2023. Beyond the SL and CLE, however, there isn’t much hope for two-door drop-tops.

While Mini recently decided to retain the Convertible as the brand switches to EVs, Smart (now under Geely’s management) is likely to drop the ForTwo Cabrio. It can’t even be taken for granted that the ForTwo will survives the relocation from France, where it is currently made by Ineos, to China, where space equals prestige and prestige is of the utmost importance.

But sometimes hope flourishes where you least expect it. Which is, in this case, at the Maybach subbrand. Since the ultra-luxury division is virtually wading in cash, the Sindelfingen grapevine suggests that the stunning Maybach 6 concepts shown in 2016/2017 – an all-electric coupé and convertible – may actually reappear on a shortened EQS/EVA2 platform.

Good news, millionaires: this might become real

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