Rasant M130 TPS tuning package for air-cooled Porsche 911

Rasant M130 TPS tuning package for air-cooled Porsche 911

This MoTeC M130 ECU tuning package from air-cooled Porsche engine specialist, Rasant, allows modifiers with air-cooled 911s loaded with individual throttle bodies (ITB) to tune their engines based off the throttle position sensor (TPS) instead of manifold air pressure (MAP). When using ITBs, the manifold pressure sensor doesn’t get the resolution required for consistent and reliable tuning, but using this Rasant-authored M130 custom firmware package, you (or your tuner) now have the tools required to properly dial-in to the engine via laptop. Advanced logging features, programmable trigger levels and multiple digital inputs form part of the M130’s extensive feature list, as does the latest generation high-performance processor, which comes housed in a small and light magnesium enclosure.

Rasant also supplies M130 Mil-Spec motorsport-grade wiring harness solutions for either single-plug or twin-plug ignition systems, as well as the ignition systems and ITB kits themselves. For further information, and to view the full range of Rasant products available for air-cooled Porsches, visit the company’s website, a convenient one-stop shop for all your air-cooled flat-six tuning requirements.

  • Price: $1,200 rasantproducts.com or call +1 562 704 6593
Didi Didi 2 years ago #

Nice air cooled engine option

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