NX debuts new Lexus link infotainment hardware

NX debuts new Lexus link infotainment hardware

Lexus has revealed a new Lexus Link infotainment system for the all-new NX, that’s ‘more powerful, responsive and intuitive to use’ according to the Japanese brand. It’s likely the new hardware and software will be rolled out to future Lexus models as they launch.

The standard system, branded Lexus Link Connect, gets a 9.8-inch central touchscreen, with an anti-glare coating to ensure it can be seen easily even in the brightest of conditions. It also has a ‘significant increase’ in processing power to make sure it has ‘quicker response’ times.

Top versions of the NX will gain Lexus Link Pro, with a large 14-inch high-definition touchscreen that’s competitive with the biggest displays in the class. This boasts a processor that is 3.6 times faster than the current NX’s infotainment setup.

While Lexus customers typically rave about their cars, the brand’s infotainment systems have lagged behind somewhat, using a quirky mouse-style pointer interface that often proved tricky to get used to on right-hand drive cars. The Link hardware replaces this altogether, with an interface that is similar to using a smartphone or tablet. Functionality gets a corresponding upgrade, with cloud-based navigation capable of providing realtime route and traffic information to help plan quicker journeys. A dedicated SIM card means this won’t impact the owner’s data plan, and a four-year subscription will be included to cover wireless software and map updates, along with connected safety features.

Occupants will be able to use voice commands which are more conversational, without confusing the onboard assistant, and Apple CarPlay devices will be able to connect wirelessly. Android Auto is also included, but still requires a USB cable to operate. There are four USB ports in the cabin, three of which are USB-C to provide charging for portable devices. A wireless charging tray is also available, with the ability to charge compatible smartphones up to 50 per cent more quickly than previous iterations.

Owners who download and connect the Lexus Link smartphone app will gain even more remote control of their Lexus, with features such as locking and unlocking, along with the ability to pre-heat or cool the cabin before the driver gets in the car and the journey begins.

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