Space Saver Wheel Kit

Space Saver Wheel Kit

The Road Hero Space Saver Spare Wheel Kit is an innovative spare wheel solution. By carrying a comprehensive Road Hero kit on board, the danger of being stranded with a flat tyre is eliminated. It also avoids the need to call on the hard-pressed emergency services for assistance and means that you can bin that can of useless tyre foam.

Road Hero has kits tailored to a wide range of BMW models, it comes complete with accessories and safety wear, and it is affordably priced in comparison to purchasing a spare wheel from your main dealer.

Inside the smart black storage bag comes everything you need to change a wheel in an emergency; a two-tonne scissor jack, adjustable wheel brace, warning triangle, high-vis vest, head torch, rain poncho, kneeling mat and heavy-duty gloves. The spare wheel itself is a lightweight space saver, narrower than a normal road wheel in order to minimise its use of boot-space. The tyre is safety rated to 50mph and will last long enough to get you to your destination or to the nearest garage.

How Much? From £200


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