Ami quadricycle to be sold in the UK due to popular demand

Ami quadricycle to be sold in the UK due to popular demand

Great news from Citroën, with the announcement that the Ami electric vehicle will officially launch here in the UK next spring.

The zero-emissions car has been gaining attention the world over and the first 12,000 customers, who had already registered their interest online, are being invited to join the queue to secure their Ami with a £250 refundable reservation fee.

Ami is a daring response to the challenges faced in today’s cities. It has a 5.5kWh battery that recharges in just three hours from a three-pin socket, and with a range of 46 miles and a top speed of 28mph, it is a modern solution that delivers on Citroën’s promise to provide clean, affordable mobility solutions for all.

It is exempt from Congestion and Ultra-low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges. And with London’s ULEZ due to be extended this month to the outer reaches of the North and South Circular roads, and other cities looking to introduce similar measures, the Ami is a ‘future-proof’ solution.

With a length of only 2.41 metres and an incredibly tight turning circle, the Ami is compact and agile, providing an easy solution for navigating busy streets and fitting into narrow parking spaces. There is enough space for the driver, a passenger and a small item of luggage, with the heated interior bathed in light thanks to the model’s panoramic glass sunroof. In a nostalgic nod to the iconic 2CV, the manual side windows of Ami can be opened by flipping the glass upwards into a fixed raised position.

The Ami will be adapted for the UK market, but will remain left-hand drive. One significant benefit of this configuration when being driven in the UK, is that it will allow for a kerbside exit from the vehicle for the driver when parking at the roadside in a city centre. And while overseas it is possible for youngsters to drive the Ami, here in the UK it is rated as a quadricycle, and so will require a full UK driving licence, as with a traditional passenger car.

UK pricing will be announced closer to the on-sale date of the Ami, but it is expected to be extremely competitive.

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