No more MoT certificates?

No more MoT certificates?

Infamous paperwork now on-demand only

The MoT test certificate has finally been consigned to history in the UK. Since the end of August, Test Stations have no longer had to issue a VT20 pass certificate automatically — though customers are still able to request one. They are also still available for download from the MoT history check service at if vehicle details including V5C reference number are keyed in.

The VT20 lost its legal status some time ago, being replaced as definitive proof of test status by the online record when the plain paper certificate was introduced. From then on, the paper certificate became, in legal terms, a copy of the entry on the official record.

The actual need for a paper certificate has also now all but disappeared, with police able to check the online record instantly at the roadside, most tax renewals being done online, and Post Office staff doing manual tax renewals also able to access the online record. Pretty much the only time that a VT20 is needed is when a vehicle changes hands, when buyers sometimes prefer paper evidence to online. In such cases the registered keeper may in future need to print the certificate off, but of course traders who are not the registered keeper won’t be able to do this.

Paper VT30 failure notices will continue to be issued. Testing Station viewing areas also reopened from August 31, and notice boards (usually found in or near viewing areas) must again be fully accessible.

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