Historic Porsche colours return

Historic Porsche colours return

Porsche is expanding its range of Paint to Sample colour options for the 992 to include popular cult classics...

Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur – the official personalisation arm of Porsche – is expanding its range of special exterior colours for the 911 with its new Paint to Sample and Paint to Sample Plus options. Cult classic Porsche colours from days gone by are being added to the range of standard and special colour options, bringing the total number of off-the-peg shades available to 160. The move comes in response to increased demand for custom-painted Porsche in recent years, and has resulted in a brand-new colour-mixing bench being installed at the main plant in Zuffenhausen. Here, Porsche paint specialists blend ingredients down to the final milligram to achieve the desired colour.

Paint to Sample is the new name for Porsche Custom Colour, which is being expanded to include comebacks for iconic colours such as Maritime blue, Rubystar and Mint green – as found on the 964. This means that 992 customers can now specify these eye-catching hues with prices starting at around £7,500. There are more than 100 paint colours to choose from. Paint to Sample can be ordered as part of new vehicle configurations at Porsche Centres and, from early 2022, via the online Porsche Car Configurator. Be warned, however, this will add approximately three months to the delivery lead time of your new 911 compared with standard colours.

Finally, Paint to Sample Plus takes things to the next level, facilitating entirely individual colour requests. Here, customers provide a sample of their desired colour for matching. Samples can include anything from a handbag to a nail varnish pot, this is then sent to Germany for a feasibility check before Porsche colourists create the unique formulation. The process can take several months and involves tests through various stages before paint is applied to a customer’s car. Should the desired shade prove impossible to recreate, Porsche will bear the costs of the feasibility test. Expect to pay around £15,000 for this ultimate option in personalisation.

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