Jag to get new mission... i-Pace replaced in 2025... e-XJ could be revived...

Jag to get new mission... i-Pace replaced in 2025... e-XJ could be revived...

Jag’s portfolio needs to drastically change. And, if the message is to separate it more from Land Rover, the F-Pace and E-Pace will almost certainly be discontinued by the end of 2027, just in time to avoid the new EU7 emissions regulations. And ‘no more me-too cars’ – meaning don’t replace the competent but bland XE and XF. Such a radical decimation leaves the ageing F-Type coupe and convertible.

Jaguar needs a halo car; the half-finished electric XJ was expensively axed but the cycle plan continues to list X391, that very car. It’s either been pushed back to 2027 or is bound for the scrapheap, depending on who you believe. This implies the i-Pace will be left to soldier on for a few more years. Jaguar’s sole EV is due to be replaced in late 2025 by something called Project X384.

Jaguar has, under Bolloré, embarked on a game of expect the unexpected. We don’t yet know exactly what new brand values he has in mind, but it seems certain Bolloré aims to move the marque upmarket, taking a fresh look at both style and substance, and going into competition with pricier rivals such as Aston Martin and Bentley instead of focusing on BMW and Mercedes. Volumes would most likely shrink, but profits could increase as electromobility advances from a breakthrough planet-saving technology to a universal must-have norm.

Jaguar must emphasise strengths such as ultra-fast charging and the Britishness of the execution to differentiate itself. Four years is a short timespan in which to establish a fresh brand identity, but design honcho Gerry McGovern’s track record is strewn with smash hits and his brief wide open. Right at the top it simply reads: ‘Make Jaguar great again.’

Jag’s i-Pace to soldier on until 2025

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