Honda HR-V boasts fresh technology

Honda HR-V boasts fresh technology

Honda has released more information about its upcoming HR-V hybrid SUV, revealing its clever interior packaging and how the concepts of light and wind have inspired its design. It will be the first Honda to feature an innovative Air Diffusion System, with L-shaped vents positioned in the top corners of the dashboard. These are said to provide the ‘restorative effects of a natural breeze to all occupants’.

A dial with three modes will allow occupants to switch between forward-directed air, and the Air Diffusion System which will create a ‘breeze like’ stream of air that permeates around the interior. The breeze is also directed along the side windows, helping reduce the hot and cold spots that usually form just behind the glass in the summer and winter months. Vents in the rear console will also serve back seat occupants. Honda’s engineers have also sought to promote a feeling of airiness by improving visibility, and creating a flat bonnet that helps the driver position the car on the road. An uncluttered interior sees controls positioned close to the driver’s field of vision, and physical knobs have been usefully retained for the heating and ventilation controls.

The rear seats have been moved 30mm rearwards and reclined by an extra two degrees, providing a saloon car-like seating position, according to Honda, with an additional 35mm of legroom and space that will rival SUVs in the class above. The design of the front seats has been altered to replace the springs found in the outgoing model, improving comfort and reducing fatigue on long journeys. Honda’s Magic Seats will also make an appearance, allowing owners to flip up the rear seat squabs, theatre-style, to provide a tall space for awkwardly shaped items like plants and pet carriers.

With its e:HEV hybrid powertrain, the HR-V will be powered by two electric motors, while a 1.5-litre petrol engine acts mainly as a generator to charge the traction battery. The HR-V is expected later this year, with a starting price of around £27,000.

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