EV power for Lexus LFA replacement

EV power for Lexus LFA replacement

Lexus has released photos of a stunning electric sports car, which will be a successor for the LFA supercar and a halo model for the luxury brand. First revealed at a surprise Toyota and Lexus event showcasing 15 electric concept models last December, the new images and information give us a better idea of the car’s design and performance. The concept has an incredibly low ride height, with alloy wheels and tyres almost reaching the car’s beltline – a feature which should provide an incredibly low centre of gravity and stable handling. Despite its electric powertrain, it shuns a cab-forward design in favour of an incredibly long bonnet and swept-back glasshouse, with gloss-black panels and tinted glass.

Its nose features a large lower grille, flanked by large air ducts with LED lights that appear to float inside them. The bonnet also has deep air vents, and further intakes appear to swoop around the haunches of the car. There’s even a red tow strap, which hints that Lexus could expect its electric supercar to be no stranger to a track day. The car’s tail is heavily tapered, with a boot and rear diffuser which almost meet, but are separated by ‘L E X U S’ script.

Lexus has confirmed its acceleration from 0-62mph will be in the ‘low two-second range’, making the LFA replacement a rival for the delayed Tesla Roadster. It’s also targeting a cruising distance in excess of 430 miles, although this is dependent on the ‘possible use of solid-state batteries’. Toyota is working on the new battery technology, but it’s still some years away from mass production.

The sports car will form an exciting part of Lexus’ launch of a fully batteryelectric line-up by 2030, as part of its Lexus Electrified brand vision. The model will also form an important role in cementing the Lexus Driving Signature, which is described as ‘linear responses that are constantly faithful to the driver’s intentions, with seamless connection of deceleration, steering and acceleration at all times.’

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