TechArt warranty programme now available internationally

TechArt warranty programme now available internationally

For many owners of a Porsche sports car, the desire for more individuality goes hand in hand with uncertainty. Specifically, whether personalising your Porsche will void the car’s factory warranty. “What happens to my new or pre-owned vehicle guarantee?” an owner is likely to ask while thumbing through a product catalogue of desirable aftermaket upgrades.

Porsche tuning outfit, TECHART, which offers a wide range of performance enhancing components for modern Stuttgart-crested sports cars through its international network of dealers, including Tech9 ( and Parr Porsche ( in the UK, has taken steps to reassure owners by expanding its TECHART Protect warranty programme — already proven in Europe — to North and South American sales markets, as well as Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

How does it work? After determining the condition of your Porsche with a 111-point check, TECHART essentially guarantees the entire vehicle, including all standard Porsche parts and all TECHART-produced items. Engine, transmission, suspension and all other components previously covered by the factory warranty are, in effect, covered by TECHART. All parts and labour costs are included, and mileage of the vehicle under warranty is unlimited. Additionally, in Germany, TECHART Protect customers benefit from more than two thousand roadside assistance and towing vehicles in the event of accidental damage or breakdown, plus costs for overnight accommodation, rental car or train travel, including transfers, while your Porsche is out of action.

In rolling out its warranty programme around the globe, TECHART seeks to remove the psychological barrier many Porsche owners have when it comes to experimenting with performance upgrades. To this end, TECHART Protect guarantees your car’s combustion engine or electric motor, components of hybrid drive, fuel and cooling systems, drive systems and gearboxes, suspension, steering, brakes, heating, air-conditioning, electrics and bodywork. Owners have free choice of workshop for repair (following consultation with TECHART) and won’t be required to make any contribution toward material or manhour costs. Cover can be taken out for between one and seven years.

Established in 1987 and headquartered in Leonberg, Germany, TECHART produces parts for every aspect of a Porsche, including aerodynamic enhancements and exterior styling, engine powerkits, exhausts, wheels, suspension, driver assist systems and bespoke interiors manufactured by the company’s in-house trimming shop. For more information about TECHART Protect, visit

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