DeLorean name returns on American electric supercar

DeLorean name returns on American electric supercar

The storied DeLorean name is returning for a futuristic American electric supercar, which will take a completely different design approach to the DMC-12 sports coupé of 1981-1982.

Now confirmed for an unveiling on 18 August ahead of a debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance three days later, the DeLorean EVolved, as it is currently known, will be a highly modern proposition with what look to be only subtle nods to its famous namesake.

Previews released by its creator hint at a rear end clearly designed with a focus on aerodynamic efficiency: the rear deck is tapered and houses louvres for directing airflow, the rear arches extend dramatically from the side of the car and there looks to be an extendable rear wing housed above the full-width light bar. Beyond that, Texas-based DeLorean hasn’t given any more clues as to the design of its first new model since obtaining the rights to the defunct marque, beyond earlier confirming it will have gullwing doors and a light-up V-shape motif across the front. It has also yet to confirm the supercar’s production name, saving this for its unveiling.

DeLorean previously suggested that the new car will place more of a focus on luxury than did the original DMC. Design house Italdesign, whose founder Giorgetto Giugiaro was responsible for shaping the DMC’s characteristically angular stainless-steel body, is understood to be involved with resurrecting the brand. The identity of a powertrain supplier has yet to be revealed, but notably Italdesign recently inked a partnership deal with British company Williams Advanced Engineering, under which the two will collaborate on an open-source platform for manufacturers of low-volume electric cars.

DeLorean was founded in 1995 by British engineer Stephen Whyte. It recently hired Joost de Vries, former sales and customer experience boss at Karma, as its new CEO. De Vries joined chief marketing officer Troy Beetz, also formerly of the American luxury brand.

DeLorean company has since 1995 supported owners of original DMC; now will make car of its own. EV will look futuristic but reference DMC-12

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