Jaguar Classic Reborn E

Jaguar Classic Reborn E

This example of a bespoke Classic Reborn E had a high profile baptism of fire, as its first run was to represent the ’60s in the Queens Platinum Jubilee parade – (see the JDHT column).

The 1965 S1 Roadster showcased the capabilities of Jaguar Classic to comprehensively update E-types. The special commissions stunning exterior finish was inspired by the Union Jack and the interior by iconic British pillar boxes. Mechanically, the standard 4.2 XK engine was uprated to 4.7 litre, married to JCs five speed gearbox, plus uprated suspension and brakes. In a nice element of personalisation, the customer requested a car from the year of his birth – JCs sourcing team managed to track a donor vehicle originally built just two days before his birthday!

1965 Jaguar e-type S1 Roadster

Further details can be found via:, +44 (0) 2476 566 600, sales@ We sampled another example of these bespoke products in the South of France.

1965 Jaguar e-type S1 Roadster Reborn E - interior

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