Pod Point becomes BMW EV partner

Pod Point becomes BMW EV partner

Pod Point has become one of BMW Group UK’s preferred partners for home charging points.

Pod Point, one of the largest providers of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles in the UK, has signed a partnership with BMW Group UK. Running for three years, the agreement will see Pod Point operate as a preferred EV home charging point supplier, working on a referral basis.

Once ordered at the customer’s preferred BMW Centre, Pod Point will carry out the consultation, delivery, installation, and activation of the home charger. Its smart home charging solutions can charge up to 10-times faster than a 3-pin plug, while also benefiting from built-in safety features. Pod Point’s Solo 3 home chargers can get over-the-air software updates to unlock new features without needing to change the physical charger, receive software fixes for optimal performance, and allow Pod Point’s support team to perform remote diagnostics. All clever stuff.

In light of rising energy prices, Pod Point’s charge scheduling function allows drivers to charge at specific times to take advantage of dual-rate tariffs which can significantly reduce the cost of charging, particularly compared with petrol or diesel refuelling. The app’s charge activity monitoring feature also provides insights into energy usage, enabling drivers to determine how much energy they are using to charge their vehicle and the overall cost over a specified period of time.

BMW EV drivers can also benefit from Pod Point’s extensive public charging network of over 6,200 charging bays. The network is one of the largest and most used in the UK and around half of Pod Point’s public network is free to use.

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