Fisker:“we need to have a supercar”

Fisker:“we need to have a supercar”

Hot on the heels of both the Ocean and Pear will be the 2024 Ronin, a four-seat drop-top supercar being developed at the firm’s UK-based ‘Magic Works’ facility.

Its tri-motor powertrain is intended to send it from 0-62mph in less than 2.0sec and Fisker is targeting a range of more than 600 miles. More importantly, it will serve as a test bed and a showcase for features of future high-volume cars.

Henrik Fisker said: “The benefit [of a supercar] is being able to explore new technologies that we normally wouldn’t be able to do on a high-volume car. For example, we are working on a very large integrated battery pack solution.

“We are also looking at expanding the use of luxurious recycled materials in the interior, which is probably too expensive right now for a high-volume car.”

But there is also the enthusiast aspect to consider, he said: “There’s also just emotion in it. I love cars: we need to have a supercar.” 

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