Skoda’s urban EV to get its own ‘sporty, fun’ look

Skoda’s urban EV to get its own ‘sporty, fun’ look

Skoda’s urban EV will look sporty, aggressive and “fun” and won’t just be a smaller version of other cars in the line-up, the brand’s chiefs have told Autocar.

Launching in 2026, the as yet unnamed car will be positioned near the foot of Skoda’s electric range and take the form of a mini SUV.

Designers say they are focused on creating a rugged-looking car that follows similar design cues to the newly unveiled Vision 7S concept – itself a preview of an electric seven-seater to come in the same year – but it won’t be a copy of it. “There are several things that we want to do differently to other car makers, and I would start with this,” said Skoda’s board member for sales, Martin Jahn, about how some line-ups look the same throughout the range. “We do not want to do this because we know it is not working, so this car [the Vision 7S] is big and is very solid and it’s powerful and prestigious, whereas the smaller car will look a bit more sporty, more aggressive, more fun. So there will definitely be distinctions. The smaller cars will not be the Vision 7S made smaller.” This was confirmed by Skoda’s head of design, Oliver Stefani, who said that creating a fleet of cars all with their own looks “is really a challenge”. Stefani added: “It is something we as designers are discussing every day.”

Urban EV will be influenced by Vision 7S, as our render shows

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