Mercedes-Benz electric C-Class for 2024

Mercedes-Benz electric C-Class for 2024

i4-rivalling saloon will use new platform and tech lifted from EQXX project. By Jake Groves


The experimental EQXX electric four-door will be influencing Merc design and engineering for years to come. Even its shape is ‘a promise for what we want to deliver for the C-segment – so C-Class size – as it shows the vision of the exterior and interior,’ according to Mercedes design chief Gorden Wagener.


Merc’s seemingly all-knowing infotainment system, which has been constantly updated since its launch in the current A-Class, will take another leap with MB.OS. The new electric C is also expected to have the EQXX’s full-width, single-screen display, which is shorter but even wider than the extreme Hyperscreen (above).


The new compact executive will likely be one of the first cars on the MMA platform. While designed chiefly for EVs, hybrid modules can be applied. CAR’s sources say the smallest EV powertrain variant is 60kWh and 201bhp, but expect a two-speed transmission and 800-volt architecture for AMG versions and fast charging.


Engineering tech from the EQXX will help future Mercs be thrifty with watts. Merc’s CTO, Markus Schäfer, tells CAR: ‘The battery and cell technology is more or less exactly what we’ll see from 2024 onwards in our series production vehicles. We’ve made our own e-motor in-house because we could bring the efficiency up.’


  • POWERTRAIN 100kWh battery, 200bhp (est), single e-motor, rear-wheel drive
  • CHASSIS Steel monocoque
  • DUE 2024

It might look conventional, but it’ll be clever underneath

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