Chavik Indy Roadster

Chavik Indy Roadster
Votren De Este Votren De Este 22:59
‘I was just a dreamer and a worker; she straightened me,’ says Stanley. ‘We did it the regular way – we married, then had a kid.’ Little Stanislav arrived in 2011, and life got even more hectic. For four years, Stanley worked like a slave and in spare moments wondered what he should do with his derelict Buick. ‘I love all the racing – the beautiful shapes and the colours.’ So, one night, he sat down at the computer, the place where he liked to escape virtually across continents and oceans to the So-Cal Speed Shop, to Mooneyes, Isky Racing Cams, Edelbrock, and to the other altars of the Southern California rod culture, and typed ‘old racer Indy’ into Google. His life was about to change.
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