2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate S204

2008 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Estate S204

Our recently acquired AMG is being brought up to scratch

This generation of C63 has long been my dream car, and as you may have read in our ‘Living the Dream’ feature two issues ago, after recently spotting a well-optioned 2010 estate for sale I finally took the plunge. A 480bhp rear-wheel-drive AMG will struggle to disappoint even the most seasoned drivers, but, with this technically being my very first car, it’s safe to say that I’m rather pleased with my purchase.

Though later, facelifted W204s were within my budget, the low odometer reading, tasteful spec and desirable Performance Pack Plus option drew me to this particular example. Equipped with uprated engine internals from the SLS for an extra 30bhp, plus larger brakes and an Alcantara and leather steering wheel, it’s easy to see why so many look for the PPP option.

The condition of R55 AWP is excellent overall but, frustratingly, just two weeks into my ownership a low-speed collision with a deer resulted in some minor paint cracking on the front bumper (I think the deer got off even more lightly). Thankfully there was no damage to the bumper itself or any priceyAMG-specific components, so only paint work was needed. To ensure a consistent finish, I decided to get the whole bumper resprayed.

The 19-inch diamond-cut wheels hadn’t responded well to years of the UK’s wet, salty roads – something you’ll often find with wheels of this kind. Though admittedly minor, surface corrosion was present on a couple of the wheels, while light kerb damage inflicted by previous owners was also difficult to ignore. So while the car was in with G&W Bodyworks near Lincoln for the bumper repair, it seemed like the ideal time to have the wheels brought up to scratch too. Diamond-cut wheels are notoriously difficult to refinish, but nearby PB Powder Coatings did a stellar job skimming the surface and returning them to a perfect factory-fresh look.

Aside from these small inconveniences, my first Few months of C63 ownership have otherwise been flawless. Fuel consumption is just as you’d expect from a 6.2-litre V8, but as I’m fortunate enough to use this car only for pleasure I can (attempt to) keep spending in check.

As is wise with a car with an engine such as the mighty M156, I’ll soon be taking it for a full health check-up, in this case with an independent specialist. My car’s service history is as thorough as they get, but for complete peace of mind it’ll be good to know that everything is running exactly as it should be.

I’m also hoping to rectify a small issue with the sound system. The included accessory cables should allow for the connection of a phone for music playback, but for some reason the port in the glovebox doesn’t seem to receive any signal. Hopefully it’ll be an easy fault to trace and any replacement parts will be small and affordable. And finally, the Goodyear Eagle F1s currently fitted have received some expedited wear, meaning some new rubber, mostly likely of the Michelin Pilot Sport 4 S variety, will soon be on the shopping list. So the purchase process is over and done with, and some initial tidying jobs have been carried out or are in hand. Now we’ll find out over the coming months if C63 running costs are as astronomical as everyone would have me believe…

  • Date acquired May 2021
  • Total mileage 46,111
  • Mileage this month 981
  • Cost this month c£600
  • Mpg this month 16.0
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